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New On BENIsLAND: Hellmut The Pig

I got back to the Barrier on Tuesday, after an unexpected trip to Town. While I helped a mate and got heaps done for myself in Auckland, I must admit that I still feel rather exhausted. We left on the barge on Sunday, got to Town at night, drove to Whangarei in two fully laden trucks. One was overheating, so the 3 hour trip took like 6. We unloaded the trucks on Monday morning, and I headed back to Auckland to get me some supplies.

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Well Deserved Eggs

Sunday morning, Tryhena Harbour, Great Barrier Island and I am naked. Naked as in worn-out, tired, exhausted. I cleared a few small trees to allow more light to shine on a small orchard. This is not a fun job. The terrain always being uneven, rocks and small boulders hiding underneath thick kikuyu grass and no openings for the felled trees to fall on. After cutting the trees into manageable pieces, dragging them and cutting the canopies off, there is of course no open area to stack the logs nor the canopies.

One thing is for sure, my next chainsaw will be electric and it I don’t need a 52 cc engine.

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