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Solar Power System Design – Part I

I’m designing my offgrid solar power system at the moment. The plan is to get my head around what I need, locate a supplier for those components in Auckland, consult them, negotiate a price, take the car on the ferry to town, bring the equipment back to the Island and install the system.

The plan ends with me sitting on the deck in the sun, enjoying a cold beer and feeling proud of myself.

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Off Grid Power Systems III – Lead Acid Batteries

After discussing some properties of electricity and common methods to generate it, it is time to talk about how it can be stored. There are different types and designs of rechargeable batteries. This article is about deep cycle lead acid batteries. The principle difference between deep cycle lead acid batteries and those that are used in almost every car is the geometry of the electrodes. The former is designed to provide a small current over a long period (hours), while the latter to provide a large current for a short period (seconds). Continue reading Off Grid Power Systems III – Lead Acid Batteries