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White Man On The Rocks

Met a white man some years ago,

walking back to camp with a bunch of rods in hand, a yellow tail protruding from the pack, long-haired, English.

The pursuit and challenge of landing his majesty from the rocks attracting him to this part of the world; walking the coast lines of the Coromandel, reading the terrain, the ledges, the currents, the winds.

The white man’s idea of a vacation is to stand on the rocks, gimbal around his waist, the popper rod on his side, bait fish caught swimming in a rock pool close by, the gaff might be too far away, but the live bait rod secured in his hands, and a pack of chips and canned tuna in his pack.

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Caught Bait; Can I Catch Fish???

Another superb winter day, a bit crisp to start with, a lot of sun with some southerly breezes. As planned, I went down to the beach at high tide (big tides at the moment with a strong flow…), down to the river mouth. The wind was blowing right at me, and it is a very shallow, stony beach. I gave it a try, but went on to the point between the two beaches at Puriri Bay.

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