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Quiet & Sunny Sunday

After four days of torrential rain, thunder storms and gusting winds, it’s so great to relax on an extremely quiet and very sunny Sunday. Other than acknowledging and enjoying the peace and serenity, I worked on my garden projects. I’m expecting to yield about 50% more produce than last year. Basically, it’s really easy:

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Well Deserved Eggs

Sunday morning, Tryhena Harbour, Great Barrier Island and I am naked. Naked as in worn-out, tired, exhausted. I cleared a few small trees to allow more light to shine on a small orchard. This is not a fun job. The terrain always being uneven, rocks and small boulders hiding underneath thick kikuyu grass and no openings for the felled trees to fall on. After cutting the trees into manageable pieces, dragging them and cutting the canopies off, there is of course no open area to stack the logs nor the canopies.

One thing is for sure, my next chainsaw will be electric and it I don’t need a 52 cc engine.

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Vermiculture – Composting With Worms

A few months ago, I attended a free Island wide workshop on different composting methods. This course was funded by Auckland Council and was presented by Caity from Okiwi Passion, an organic market garden in the northern settlement of Great Barrier Island. The participants of that workshop could chose a free composting kit (worm farming, Zing Bokashi and kits for traditional cold composting). I opted for vermi-composting, a suitable addition to the other forms of composting that are taking place on BENIsLAND.

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What’s On My Mind?

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Went to a composting course.  An interactive course, free of charge, supported by the Auckland Council and taught by a local lady who has vast experience in organic gardening and is well known for the local organic veggies she offers via Okiwi Passion on Great Barrier Island. She discussed ZingBokashi, worm farming and more traditional hot and cold composting techniques.

Informative, well presented seminar and to top it off, participants could chose a free composting system provided by Auckland Council (I chose a worm farm kit). There is another one of these courses scheduled for the 01. March.

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Groupies and Friends

I had some help on BENIsLAND from my good friends, the Fantastics, and from a pair of surprise visitors, whom I believe to actually be BENIsLAND groupies (they heavily denied it, but well, denial is always easy) during the last two weeks. On top of the good company, they helped with various projects around the place. It was comforting to see others do some of the daily jobs like preparing and stacking fire wood, tidying up the gardens, the drive way and pruning the plum trees. I shouldn’t say it, but I could get used to it… hehe

Anne enjoyed chopping firewood; she was quite capable with the long axe and tomahawk. Nadine wasn't fond of the axe but pulled more than just her weight.
Anne enjoyed chopping firewood; she was quite capable with the long axe and tomahawk. Nadine wasn’t too fond but also pulled more than just her weight.

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I’ve been meaning to give composting a go for a while but procrastinated mostly thinking that I don’t have much organic waste, hence not being worthwhile. But I’m also seriously sick and tired of gardening with poor, compact and non-friable soil. In terms of top soil I drive around with the quad and find areas where soil had been moved some time ago, most likely for the purpose of creating the tracks around the property, put it into fish bins and drive it up on site. Then I mix it with some sand and ash from the fire place, thus turning it over and aerating it, and then use it for my garden. Continue reading Compost