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Slow Fishing in Cape Barrier

On the way to a good fishing spot off the rocks in the Cape Barrier area

Conditions for land-based fishing haven’t been good in the last weeks. Complex low pressure systems are bringing strong winds and showers to the island. We’ve had gale warnings for a couple of weeks, either 30 to gusting 50 knots of cold southwesterly winds or wet and rainy gusting winds from the northwest. This makes rockfishing in the Tryphena area difficult and such strong winds also affect the conditions on the east coast fishing spots. The forecast for yesterday was 20+ knots from southwest turning midday to northwest, and after a few days with strong and continuous southwesterly gusts, combined with big tides and strong tidal flows, the sea had actually calmed down a bit and I used this window of less challenging conditions to go for a quick fish off the rocks in the Cape Barrier area.  Continue reading Slow Fishing in Cape Barrier

Fishing at Cape Barrier

I went fishing off the rocks yesterday in Island Bay, a little bay opposing Rabbit Island. I’ve never been there before, but have fished Johnson’s Bay and the famous ‘rod holder spot’ at Cape Barrier which are in the same area. Last week I was fishing that famous spot and it was a bit rougher than forecasted.  But there were plenty of small kahawai and action all the time. I landed one decent pan-sized snapper and hooked a big fish on a kahawai fillet. I lost that fish though and am still, this is some 7 days later, pretty gutted about it. It was a solid snapper take, I fought it hard and it was pulling lots of line against heavy drag and 40 pound main line. And just when I was firmly sure that I’m going to land it, a few moments before I was able to see some color, to bring it to the surface, the hook must have ripped. That’s my theory anyway, if a snapper is hooked in the jaw, it can’t ‘spit’ the hook and it won’t rip, but if it is hooked in the flesh around the mouth area, I believe, too much pressure can be a huge disadvantage. Anyway, albeit not having too high expectations, the feeling of adventure was surely heightened yesterday, because I was exploring new fishing terrain.   Continue reading Fishing at Cape Barrier

Rockfishing at The Cape

It has been very wet here on the Barrier lately. Constant showers and heavy rainfalls over the last weeks have transformed my driveway into a muddy and slippery adventure track. This combination of wetness and greyness can affect the mood a bit and I had been spending a couple of the previous weekends at home, reading the paper and enjoying the warmth and dryness of the fire place. Boooooring, I can tell you. This weekend, however, in spite of more rain, I was quite active working on the land on Saturday and fishing off the rocks on Sunday.  Continue reading Rockfishing at The Cape

Great Barrier Island Kingfish – Rockfishing

My mate from Paul, from Lightwater England, arrived on Thursday. He had a rough sail over, the wind was gusting from southwest with speeds up to 40 knots and I wasn’t too sure if the ferry is going to leave Auckland at all. But it did and arrived here only a couple of hours later than usual. We drove up to BENIsLAND and unpacked, chatted, drank and made heaps of plans for fishing. Unfortunately, the forecasts were not that promising; more wind and gusts. Continue reading Great Barrier Island Kingfish – Rockfishing

A Night on the Rocks…

The Black Jug Fishing Haggle – Competition was on last weekend. Around 120 anglers both local and quite a few from town spent the weekend fishing around Great Barrier Island trying to land that big snapper. This event is held twice annually on the Barrier and the main prize is for the heaviest Snapper. Winner takes it all. The Jackpot was around 6500 NZD this time and an angler from town won it with an 11-ish kg snapper.

Continue reading A Night on the Rocks…