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New Zealand Kaka & Camping On BENIsLAND

It has been lately rather hot here on the Barrier. More than 25 deg. Celsius at seven in the morning doesn’t feel normal, but I certainly don’t mind. As a matter of fact, I’ve been practising FKK (German for doing the stuff you do, as you do, but naked). I have a few cool off showers per day, the water comes straight from the creek and have otherwise been enjoying staying on the land. Listening to operas, reading, eating and walking through the bush.

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Camping and Fishing Adventure – Great Barrier Island

When Ralph, a friend who was born and raised on Great Barrier Island but whom I had met in Auckland, told me that he was coming to the Island and that he’d be keen to go for a fish, I was quite excited to meeting him again after about 3-4 years. We saw each other in Tryphena and I very much liked his plan to camp on the beach where he grew up and go for a land-based fish early the next morning targeting kingfish.

We met more or less at the end of the road and hiked into XXX Bay fully laden with rods, reels, bait, burley, beer, food, sleeping bag, dog, etc. It was already dark by the time we arrived, the beach was secluded, we had a few drinks, sharing stories and since it was quite warm, spent the night under stars. I realized that Ralph used to come to this beach for kai (food) all the time, it was a 30 minute walk from his home, there were fruit trees along the way for a snack, plenty streams for fresh water and the Bay had it all. Exciting stuff on the beach to find and bring home and yummy food in the water to dive or fish for. Arguably the best playground for anybody.

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