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Pictures of the Week 19

A ridge of high pressure has dominated most of the north island this week and with a bit of luck it will remain until late Friday. I’ve been busy with my new job (more about that later) but will be out there on the rocks this Friday morning fishing for a feed and hopefully something big as well. Conditions are promising, variable SW winds and no swell on the east coast.

We’ve been experiencing some great winter weather, lots and lots of sunshine, clear skies and crispy mornings. Strong south-westerlies and the clear night sky yielded cold temperatures though. My thermometer recorded 2 dC yesterday early morning. Continue reading Pictures of the Week 19

(Barely) Caught a Feed

I just got the fire going inside, it is warm and cozy and soon I’ll be cooking dinner. The weather gods have been mild lately, for the last 10 or so days, there was no significant wind around my place, hardly any rain… Yeah, really enjoyable I have to say. The forecast was good for this weekend, too, and I was eager to go out there and do things. I went for a fish off the rocks yesterday in Schooner Bay.  Continue reading (Barely) Caught a Feed