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Important Changes to BENIsLAND(.com)(.de)

[Access to my blog will be soon only via BENIsLAND.co.nz, BENIsLAND.com and BENIsLAND.de will be used otherwise. ]

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by your projects and commitments? You engage into a new committed project, don’t you?

Not necessarily the best approach, but since the launch of this blog I’ve been reading about how to monetize the stuff I do on BENIsLAND. In such a way that I don’t feel ashamed about my actions, and continue gaining more readers. It seems, no matter what I read, that successful bloggers make tens of thousands of dollars per week passively via affiliated marketing and that it is easy to do.

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BENIsLAND – Great Barrier Island Blog

My first blog entry on BENIsLAND.co.nz was in May 2011, a few days before I moved to Great Barrier Island to start a new life. It is coincidental but also fitting that I just installed a new theme and look. I am very content to have chosen WordPress as the Content Management Software platform for my blog. The three main reasons being:

  • Looks great
  • Easy to administer
  • Continues to get better

There is not a single line of coding from me on this blog and I’m proud of that, as I never was patient enough to program.

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Pictures of the Week 19

A ridge of high pressure has dominated most of the north island this week and with a bit of luck it will remain until late Friday. I’ve been busy with my new job (more about that later) but will be out there on the rocks this Friday morning fishing for a feed and hopefully something big as well. Conditions are promising, variable SW winds and no swell on the east coast.

We’ve been experiencing some great winter weather, lots and lots of sunshine, clear skies and crispy mornings. Strong south-westerlies and the clear night sky yielded cold temperatures though. My thermometer recorded 2 dC yesterday early morning. Continue reading Pictures of the Week 19

What Would You Like Me To Write About?

My dear friend Lars (check out his website; www.chilichef.de) sent me an email the other day highlighting ideas and suggestions for articles here on BENIsLAND.co.nz. I am mightily thankful for this because various factors play a pivotal role in my motivation to blogging new posts. One of those factors is a lack of creativity or perhaps better a lack of having feedback in terms of what my readers and followers are interested in.

Thus, I like to invite you with this post to ask all the questions that you have about my life here on BENIsLAND, on Great Barrier Island.

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