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What’s On My Mind?

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Went to a composting course.  An interactive course, free of charge, supported by the Auckland Council and taught by a local lady who has vast experience in organic gardening and is well known for the local organic veggies she offers via Okiwi Passion on Great Barrier Island. She discussed ZingBokashi, worm farming and more traditional hot and cold composting techniques.

Informative, well presented seminar and to top it off, participants could chose a free composting system provided by Auckland Council (I chose a worm farm kit). There is another one of these courses scheduled for the 01. March.

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I’m Not Going Into Detail

I got home quite late today after work, usually I’ll be in La-La-Land by now but instead I’m going to write this post. I went to a talk today about batteries – as you know there is no reticulated power here on the island and thus knowledge about off-grid power systems is somewhat vital – and when the highly experienced speaker mentioned at the beginning of his lecture that ‘he will not go into detail’ and that we, i.e. Great Barrier Island, have pioneered off-grid power systems, I felt a bit like being back at university. I hope I don’t get into trouble for posting this picture, but since I took a screen-shot of a very recent advertising campaign (which is online at the time I’m publishing this), I’d assume it is the same as providing a link.


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