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Back On The Barrier

I embarked on a trip to Auckland (Town) on the ferry with my car last week. The plan was to purchase a complete photo voltaic (PV) system and various other things that had either ‘broken’, like my gum boots, or things that I always needed, like a crimping tool. Taking advantage of a special deal (during a fraction of a year) for residents, it cost 320 NZD for a return trip for myself and a vehicle. I also took out the passenger and rear seats to maximise loading space. My next vehicle will definitely be a true 4×4, one with a transfer box and low gear, van.

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The Big Smoke or Going To Town – Auckland

I was in town last week for the purpose of professional development. Since I don’t go to Auckland often, due to lack of expandable cash,  I was really looking forward to this trip.  It was great walking more or less aimlessly through the central business district, meeting up with friends, staying in a hotel, meeting new people and got even caught up in moments of nostalgia.

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Pictures of the Week 18

I went to Auckland (town) for a few days last week to organize things, things I cannot share at the moment with you. Anyway, the trip went well and I was able to finalize the things I had to do. It was strange driving in a straight line on the motorway, it was strange doing so with many cars around, it was strange realizing I had trouble keeping up with a minimum speed limit, it was strange to see kids hang out at night on the parking area of a mall, which was already closed for hours. Continue reading Pictures of the Week 18

Back from Town

I’ve been away from BENIsLAND for a few days, had to go to town (Auckland) to finalize and update my immigration status. Happy to announce that I’m done and through with it, now I can, for the rest of my life, without any conditions, live and work in New Zealand. There are two very common misconceptions when it comes to the various New Zealand Immigration schemes and stati. Continue reading Back from Town

Great Barrier Island to Auckland and Back; A Sailing Adventure

Sitting in front of my laptop and trying to put the last 5 days into words. Where to begin and how to describe the events, emotions, encounters and those moments when you can step aside and look at yourself and at what you are doing from another perspective; these are the questions in my mind at the moment. Perhaps I just start at the beginning.

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