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Back Home On BENIsLAND

After an extensive and very comfortable holiday, I’m back on BENIsLAND. It is the middle of winter and quite cold some nights. Three degrees Celsius last night; this is what we call a cold snap.  But hey, all good here, I’ve got plenty of firewood and the days are clear and sunny. I don’t think it rained much while I was away, the track is not muddy and the house site looks good as well.

The animals are all happy, good to see that the cat and the chooks are still here. I had built respective automatic feeder contraptions and am happy things went well. However, the way Momo acts, he must have thought I would never come back… Rani is fine too, she was looked after by a neighbour. Continue reading Back Home On BENIsLAND

Pictures Of The Week 44 – Aotea By Night

Hope you all had a great Easter Holiday. Dad and I were quite busy building a verandah that will become my kitchen/outdoor living area. So far so good…, still a bit to go though.

Sometimes, when going to bed early as one does here, especially in the winter months, I wonder what it would be like to be nocturnal. During the full moon a couple nights ago I shot some photos here at home and after looking at the results, I’m looking forward to getting out there at night, into the streets, the bush and the beaches to capture Aotea By Night.

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Rockfishing With My Dad

Having my dad over for a visit is great. It is his first time on beniSland and one thing I wanted to make sure of was that his first rockfishing mission on the Barrier would be a success. Partly because I want him to land and eat decent fish, but …

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