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Homebuilt 12 V Diesel Generator Part III

After a week without adequate power supply, I managed to sort out my 12 v diesel generator this morning. As mentioned previously, the backside of the fuel line of the diesel engine had a rip which caused massive diesel leakage. It was a bit of a nerve-racking experience swapping the fuel line while kneeling in different awkward positions, but the good thing is that it’s fixed now. The bad thing is that I mixed up the colors black and red, yet again. Consequently, I most likely cooked my 12 V laptop charger…  Continue reading Homebuilt 12 V Diesel Generator Part III

Hiking in the Backyard

Yesterday, I had another go at my 12 v diesel generator, trying to find out where it leaks diesel. As mentioned in a previous post, it leaks more than it combusts. Diesel costs 2.10 NZD and petrol 2.86 NZD if I drive to the gas station in Claris. Here in Tryphena, it is more pricy, add another 20%. It was windy, with the odd shower but I thought I can find and fix the problem without dismounting the engine from the board it is bolted to. Quite interesting, so far I have experienced often enough first hand that the so-called ‘easy way’ yields frustration and requires more time than the proper way. Continue reading Hiking in the Backyard

Doors on Fire!

I mean Doors and Fire. It has been blowing 35 knots for the last few days and gusting up to 50 knts, frequent showers, on Monday some hail for a little while; but I have also been quite productive. My mate Jonah came around on Sunday – his land rover is fixed again – and he gave me a hand picking up my new doors and putting them in.  After a bit of cutting, hammering and making it fit, the doors were securely in place. Continue reading Doors on Fire!