Swimming With Dolphins in Tryphena; Rugby Word Cup 2011

The weather has been great lately, warm and sunny and I have been working most of the week, but today I got my camera out and went for a ride towards Schooner Bay, yet again. On the way I had to stop to take pictures of the following:

This is at 11 in the morning at Pah Beach in Tryphena at low tide. A guy swimming with a school of dolphins...

Pretty cool stuff really, a guy having a swim with a bunch of dolphins. This is at low tide, the guy is standing in a meter and a half of water. I got a bit closer and took more pictures. The dolphins were clearly enjoying the event as well, as they kept hanging around. This week has been a bit more physical and I have been quite busy. Worked mostly on the road with the concrete crew, mixing concrete and helping building the roads. I have to say the people at work have a superb sense of humor and yeah, I’m enjoying it. Other than that I’ve been digging and shifting dirt at home, the garden is taking more shape, but there is so much more to do. But first, some more dolphins…

Only on Great Barrier Island can you wake up and go for a swim with dolphins in shallow water....

And here from another perspective and totally cliché.

There is always a reason to come to Great Barrier Island.

Well, you know what they say? “All good things come in threes.” That’s why I went to Schooner Bay today for yet another quick fish off the rocks. That bay has been quite good lately, see More Arrests in Schooner Bay, but not today, not for me anyway. It was one of those sunny, bright fishing days with just a few breezes if at all and I didn’t get any action for two hours and packed in. It would have probably been better to go to the other side of the bay, to find some deeper water. I might do that tomorrow, but I also need to do some more work in the garden and get me fire wood for the upcoming week. Here are some more pictures for you, by the way the Rugby World Cup 2011 has started as of yesterday. It is a huge event for New Zealand, the entire country is excited and I am following it all on the radio. Let’s hope the All Blacks can go all the way!

Don't know what these are called. This is massive exemplar.
Also not sure what they are good for, so I put it back.
Planted some radish and beet rood seedlings. Spring has just started and I have many more seeds to sow. Digging the dirt over is very hard work.
Check this out. There is a house boat in Puriri Bay and today, all the boats in the bay are docked to it. Must be for the Rugby World Cup 2011.

I’m having oysters for dinner, my mate caught a couple of fish and collected some oysters while rock fishing in Port FitzRoy and gave me a few.

Oysters for dinner.

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  1. Hey Benny. Glad to see you are finally making some regular fish catches, even if not this time. As time goes on and you figure which spots for which conditions and time of year it will get more and more consistant. A large conch. Undoubtedly edible, but not sure what they taste like as I’m not the biggest shellfish fan. Although those Paua we had were pretty good, obviously the trick is not to overcook them which means they have to be fresh as! Oysters, Hmmm I’m still not sure about those, but then maybe if you cooked them…

    Yeah I got a couple of friends, won’t tell you who they are as I wouldn’t want to embarass them. Yeah I heard from Jonny a few months ago, he had broken his leg Christmas shopping. Can you imagine? This mountain man, mountain guide, legendary figure breaks his leg going shopping! He’s been doing some fishing for Pikes and Zanders in fresh water but nothing exciting. I did tell him about the “I’ve caught bigger Kahawai!” session we had up in the Coromandel, pretty crazy day that was!

    I do hope the rugby world cup goes well for NZ after what a disappointment the Americas Cup was the second time around. Obviously I expect we will win however!

    Well Mr Benham, keep up the good work and I’ll look forward to more of your exciting adventures in due course. They’re exciting for most of us, anyway! At least it’s getting warmer now. Water tank! L&k, Paul xxxxx

    1. Haha, that is funny with Johnny. He probably had a fight while Christmas shopping and managed to break his leg on someone’s head… ‘I’ve caught bigger Kahawai!’, a legendary day indeed. I learned my lesson anyway; I will wear my gimbal when fishing with you, so you don’t find an excuse to sabotage with my fishing. I’ve got a video of us talking jibberish on Dead Man’s Point right after the massive school of kingfish turned up and a video at the camp site with you and – hmmm, what was his name? The guy who’s been to Port Jackson for years and has these remarkably good manners while living it large, if you know what I mean – cleaning the 30 pound-sh kingi you caught half off the rocks, half off the boat.

      Water tank…. Hmmm, I’ve got to find one. That’s the plan anyway, try to find stuff for free or get them for free, as I have no money. I’ve got my eyes on some oil barrels at work (should be 200+ liters). When I go fishing, I take 6 salted squid with me for bait. That’s all. 1 kg of squid has lasted me 5 or 6 fishing trips… As you mentioned in another comment, some berley-action could get those spots really stirred up.

      BTW, you started the whole ‘are you going to run out of water in the summer’ talk?! This month it has only rained twice. The locals tell me it won’t rail in the summer for 3-4 months…

      1. It should say rain not rail. Gonna go for dives when the water gets warmer and see what I can gt into. Oysters, mussels, paua, crayfish, kina. The sea is your friend; that’s what I’m hearing…

  2. Hey Benny. Yeah I’d like to see that video. Well, only a few months I guess.

    Yeah water may become an issue, especially if the stream dries up. On Waiheke everyone has a water tank and there are several different companies that will come and fill the tank up if rain water isn’t enough. Is it possible there is a system like this on the barrier (maybe only one company)? Or does everyone have a well? You’d have to clean those barrels REAL well. Maybe you should just give in and buy one, for health reasons…

    If the water is quite shallow you should find heaps to eat, I agree. Are you not using the boat at all though, or your kayak? And berley can be made in a big bucket with a lid and lots of salt. Just salt down any scraps, food, old bits of fish, whatever you can find. Once it’s been there a while it gets very salty and that seemed to work quite well for me when I did it a couple of years ago. I guess no Kahawai around yet?

    Paul xxxxx

    1. Yeah it was Dean. Certainly a character and a good guy to know. I used the boat only once so far and might sell it. Waiting to see what summer is like, it might get more use then. Kayak would be the way to go, don’t have one though. People have tanks or get water from creeks. My creek used to supply many homes down at the beach, so I’m hoping it doesn’t dry out. I’ve got a couple of food grade 225 l tanks here and there is a – maybe – 1500 l tank in the bush. That needs to be cleaned out and she’s ready to go. I’m not worried about gray-water, drinking water is more of an issue. Don’t really have means to collect much… But she’ll be right. Yesterday, I went to the pub – for the first time, drank a bottle of wine while having an outside bath and thought go on, get really drunk then – and heaps of people I haven’t met before knew who I was. Turns out that my place has a lot of history and that lots of people have memories with the site.

      That is good advice with the berley. I’m using fish guts and food scraps for the fruit trees and my ‘so-called’ gardens, but will have a go at making some berley. I was thinking of getting me a 25kg
      bag of pig pellets. You know those ‘dry berleys’ they sell in the shop for 5-10 buck for 1 kg of those pellets? They are exactly the same as the pig food, only the price is different. 25 kg cost 25 dollars in town… Keep it real, B

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