Spring Is Almost Here

Daylight saving has officially begun last week and it is starting to get a bit warmer over here. We’ve got strong southerly winds at the moment though and it feels much colder than it actually is. I went for a fish last Saturday, the forecast sounded good and I went to my ‘new favorite spot’. There was a big, rolling easterly swell coming in, but I only noticed it when I was right on the beach and hence decided to go ahead fishing anyway. But before going into the fishing, have a look at this.

Beautiful views from BENIsLAND.

 Yeah, I finally have found a great, little spot on my land from which I can enjoy superb views over Tryphena harbor and although my camera lens can’t pick it up, the views stretch from Channel island to Rangitoto and Kawau islands. I took this picture standing on a steep rock face, actually a face of many different sized rocks, which hinders most of the vegetation to grow well.

Looking at Tryphena wharf with the juicy hills of the Coromandel in the background.

I spent a while relaxing, enjoying and clearing the mind, things that I, fortunately, can do, and then went on hiking through the bush for a couple of hours with Rani. Most pictures I took turned out to be pretty crappy and, perhaps due to my cheap camera and very likely due to my ‘she’ll be right’ attitude to taking pictures, even those that turned out alright just don’t seem to remotely portray my visual experience.

Do you k now what sort of a tree is this?

This picture of a tree for instance. The colors feel cold and bland, this huge tree with its winding root system that is about to fall over and start a new period of its 100 years plus life, doesn’t stand out in its massiveness. I actually feel bad about posting it now. It doesn’t do the situation and the tree any justice.

Anyway, did I mention that it is raining quite a bit too? I turned the soil in my garden around  three times, mixed in 60 kilos of sand, a couple of loads of sea-weed and fish bones and guts, and planted some seeds a few days ago. The soil still looks a solid pile of mud… But I’m hopeful that seedlings will emerge soon.

Time to start a new summer garden.
The ‘soon to be’ bean and herb garden.

Finally, a bit about my fishing experience last Saturday. As aforementioned, there was a rolling swell coming in and though you can’t see it on the pictures, there was so much noise and white water going on that I decided to tie Rani up high on the rocks. She’s always so excited and while I can manage to keep looking at the swell all the time, Rani could easily be surprised by one of those waves and be sucked in into the water. The fishing was really difficult, due to the strong swell, around 2 meters, my baits remained on the surface and were sucked out by the retreading white water. So I decided to put an ounce of weight on the bait and although it started to sink, it was still very difficult to feel what was going on at the end of the line. My 40 pound main-line didn’t help either, 20 meters of that in the water creates a huge drag in these conditions. It certainly wasn’t a productive fishing day, it wasn’t easy-going either, but I managed to land 2 snapper. Moreover, I am going to go fishing on two entirely new spots when time and conditions permit. One is off Miller’s Hill, right in Tryphena. I was looking at my chart and there it was, a good high tide spot, so close to home. I’m not sure how to get down Miller’s Hill, but I’m going to give it a go. The other spot is off Cape Barrier Road, I’ve heard about it a few times and must go and see for myself. So stay tuned!

At 0630 in the morning at Medland’s Beach. A clear sign that fishing off the rocks is going to be work, but I was too lazy and too indecisive to go to a more sheltered area.
Rani exploring the ledge before I tied her up well away from the swell and white water.
Hmmm, it doesn’t look like there is any swell out there. You know what they say: A picture tells more than a 1000 words, and you can only imagine if you weren’t there.
A couple of snapper for tea.
My mom keeps asking if Rani is big or has sharp teeth. Well, it depends what you want to compare it with, but Rani definitely isn’t a dog you put in your handbag. Not that I have a handbag, it’s a f******* manbag, or something like that.

5 thoughts on “Spring Is Almost Here”

  1. Good to see some work going on around the site Ben. Looks like you had some nice sunny days. Different plans for the garden this year? What did well and what didn’t? Shame about the swell on your fishing trip, although sometimes that is good for the snapper. I may be up for writing a piece or two, may have to be based on some of my UK fishing trips though! Paul xxxxx

    1. Yeah, slightly different plans with the garden. This time, I prepared the soil more, i.e. turned it over 3 times and added some seaweed. But really, it’s all just
      playing around. I should look into building me a hothouse, and ideally run it as a hydroponics setup without soil. Taking soil out of the equation of gardening has
      many advantages. Well, there is the risk of spoiling all your plants when the water gets contaminated, but other than that, it sounds like a good idea to me. Things that went well last year were beans and salads. Let’s see what happens this year. I’ve created an “Author” account for you, details are in your mailbox.
      The ‘log in’ link on the bottom of the page. When you feel like it, just have a play around in your account. You can create posts, save them, publish them and so on. If you do happen to write something up, just make sure that uploaded pictures have been converted to 1024×768 pixels, otherwise they can slow the page right down. Well, I’m going to check the forecast now, am hungry for fish… B

  2. Now that we know about the man-purse you are carrying wherever you go do you have any other confessions to make? And does Rani have sharp teeth or not?

    1. Yeah, I’ve got a picture of you in my wallet… She’s got pretty sharp teeth alright, thought you could see it on the picture. Oooh man, I hope this low moves on some day, it’s been here for more than a week, wanna go fishing.

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