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Two weeks have passed already since my last blog and frankly, nothing much unusual has happened since. I went out on a bit of a mission yesterday, trying to find a new and potentially rewarding fishing spot but it turned out to be too difficult. I mean of course for my dog Rani, I was fine, but she had problems following. The destination was Blind Bay and the plan was to fish the outgoing tide on the end of the bay, in casting distance to a big, mean current line. See the red dot on the following picture.

It looked calm enough to try to walk to the ‘end’ of the bay.

From above, it looked all feasible and with the current full moon I was expecting a very low tide with a strong flow. Rani and I started walking at around 1030 and within 10 minutes we had made good track but the north easterly winds were chilly and picking up. Thus, it wasn’t really comfortable and the point would have been even more exposed to the wind. We walked for about an hour ending up at a spot where I had to either wade through the water or try to climb around it. After waiting, thinking, trying, trying again, telling the dog to calm down and wait, and then some more decision making, I decided to wade, since I had both hands full and nowhere to unload the bucket or rods on the steep rock. So, I waded through and once on the other side I called for Rani. Following me would have been too easy I suppose, so she starts climbing that bit, but falls and lands in the water. Instead of swimming 4 meters in half a meter of water, she desperately tries to get back onto the rocks. She cut herself a bit and made a big deal of getting wet and stuff. We walked for a bit more, but the wind was really annoying and there was at least one more area where I had to wade. Since my feet were already wet, I suppose I also got cold feet and decided that it’s not worth it. So, is it possible to get to the point on foot? I suppose so, at least at dead low tide and on a good day, but today wasn’t the day for me. On the way back I couldn’t find one decent spot to cast a line. The water was really shallow and with the strong side on wind, I wouldn’t have been able to cast out far.

Back at the wharf,  I had the wind head on and it was about an hour away from low tide.

Back at the wharf, a good place for an easy fish, but not on low tide and the wind head on.

All a bit frustrating really. Rani’s cut turned out to be only small and superficial and instead of cursing the wind all day, we walked over onto the other side of the wharf seeking shelter from the wind. There is a remarkably beautiful property with its own beach, with a farm house and a couple of outbuildings for stock. Really, really neat place.

A little farm on with its own beach.
I fished here. This is pretty much at low tide.
I fished here. This is pretty much at low tide. Not a bad place to have a live bait, I was thinking.

Well, I deployed the berley and watched the water go out even further, Rani was sleeping on her blanket and being sheltered from the wind, everything was good. But even a couple of hours later, I didn’t see a single fish, only small takes, and nothing, nothing in the berley trail. There was a gigantic ray playing with the berley, but nothing else.

Rani on her blanket.
At dead low tide, it was so calm that I went for a little walk around the corner. Clearly a lot of coast line out there to explore.
In the far right is the other end of Blind Bay.
No fish, nothing better to do than taking stupid pictures.

2 hours after low tide things started to pick up. I had a few takes on the rods and every now and then there was a fish close to the berely. So out comes the bait rod and after a couple of minutes I had a nice, juicy, oily mullet.

A mullet ready for live bait.

I must say it was a good feeling, holding the king fish gear and watching the live bait swimming out into the bay. Anything could happen now. A big snapper, a shark, maybe a school of king fish. I felt a bit more confident about the spot, the water was coming up quickly, I had the smell of the berley going all day, more and more mullet and small kahawai turned up as well. The water was rising fast and by 1600 I had to think of packing in. A bit of a shame because something would have taken that mullet, but in a couple of hours it would have been dark and the tide would have been too high for me to return. I caught a few more mullet and casted some dead baits into the foul too. All in vain though.

Mainly mullet and a bit of kahawai on a big plate.

Last week I fished more successfully at the light house in Tryphena. Again, there was this gusting, cold wind and I made the mistake of fishing with two rods. Always the same story. While holding rod A, rod B screams like hell and by the time I had put rod A into a rod holder, the fish was well into the weeds. Anyway, I managed to land a couple of small kahawai and a couple of snapper.


Last week at the light house.
Last week at the light house.
One of the snapper was caught on a kahawai head.

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