Some Fishing, Some Pics, an Update

I got up this morning around 0600 and had plans to go fishing. However, the place is still a mess, things are disorganized and lying on the ground. You put something down, you turn around and it is gone. Frustrating at times… So yeah, after 20 minutes of looking for my gear I decided not to go fishing and to tidy up the place instead. Besides, it is a bit hard going at the moment without a car, and my neighbor gave me some home made sausages yesterday; don’t need any fish for eating today.

Mohammed the cat hurt himself, he’s got a cut in his left paw. It looks deep and somewhat swollen, got no idea how he might have done that. Tried cleaning and bandaging it for 30 minutes, but to no avail. Poor guy, caught me a rat yesterday, I hope the wound fixes itself.

I installed my sink the other day – hooked it up to some left over outlet piping in the A-Frame – and connected another hose to the gravity fed water from the stream. That was a top feeling, as it meant that I did not have to go outside to get water. However, I simply cannot locate any of the outlet pipe(s), I just can’t figure out where the water goes. This is a problem, it turns out that it goes somehow underneath the A-Frame and if you use too much water (like around 20 l) it rises up through cracks in the cement foundation and bubbles up next to the fire place. So yeah, work in progress. I’m sitting next to the fire, finished for today; cleaned up inside properly, got my food in shelves and my dishes out, started paving the front porch with rocks and am looking forward to a good feed of home-made sausages, fried rice and potatoes. Gotta cook it first though…

Here are some impressions in form of pictures.

Drive way part; it looks so nice on pics, but is a 4x4 track at the moment...


The drive way (right of way) starts here; a quad is the way to go
Drive way again...
This is taken in the morning; note the moon
I fished off the rocks in this area
Waded onto the rocks in front. Probably not a bad spot with a 14 foot surf caster on an outgoing tide. I couldn't cast that far with my 10 foot rod. However, I do prefer spots with deeper water...
My catch. The piper (those that look like baby marlin) are 30 cm and plus! I baked the two Kahawai and ate them.
There is a river mouth to the left here. It is a 2km walk from the A-Frame; will be here often to catch me fresh bait.
If you look closely, you can spot the A-Frame. The property is massive and I am getting a better feel for it. At least I can identify my hills from the distance... I took this picture from where I was fishing. The A-Frame is the tiny white dot up in the bush
This is the closest beach. A mere 2 km walk from the A-Frame
Another perspective of the same beach.

7 thoughts on “Some Fishing, Some Pics, an Update”

  1. Deine Energie ist ungemein motivierend! Ich warte stets auf Deine Updates.
    Mohammed verfügt glücklicherweise über natürliche Selbstheilungskräfte – den Rest erledigt sein Namens-Patron…
    Ich lebe nun seit 1 Jahr in einer Männer-WG mit Theo – ein Maine-Coon-Kater mit unerhört viel Würde. Er fängt zwar keine Ratten, hält aber die Wohnung fliegenfrei. Wir ergänzen uns sinnlos… Wenn ich ihn nicht hätte, wäre es duster.
    Komme inzwischen mit Viechern besser zurecht, als mit Menschen. Tiere sind nicht vom allumfassenden Virus der Dummheit, Ignoranz und Falschheit infiziert, sondern wysiwyg.
    Ist Dein Leben auf der Insel eine Flucht? Oder die Erfüllung?
    Ich freue mich für Dich!

    1. Das Leben auf der Insel ist mehr Erfuellung als Flucht. Aber, in der Tat, ich finde es gut, abseits vom Hauptgeschehen zu sein. Hier auf der Insel wird das Gemeinwesen/die Gemeinsamkeit gros/ geschrieben. Es ist also nicht so, dass jeder fuer sich und alleine lebt, obwohl das auch einfach moeglich ist. Die Menschen ticken hier auch etwas anders, naja, besonders schulisch gebildet sind sie nicht alle, indifferent sind sie z.T. auch, aber das ist verstaendlich. Falsch, sind sie nicht. Ich werde hoffentlich frueher als spaeter ‘nen Hund haben und mal schauen was sonst noch; Schafe, Schweine…

  2. I hope you have a well stocked first aid kit for Mohammed and yourself easily accessible in the A-frame. Sounds like you need it on a regular basis as long as the site is still a bit messed up…. The pictures are once again amazing and I am looking forward to see the place turned into a luxury retreat over the next months!


    P.S.: Is that your ATV in the picture?

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