Smoked Fish and Salad

salad_smoked_fishSmoking fish is a great way to cook and preserve fish. Especially when you have caught more than just a feed and don’t like (or just can’t) freezing down fish, smoking is the way to go.  Check out my ‘Do It Yourself’,  straightforward smoker.

Smoked fish with salad is quickly dished up and a delicious meal. What I also like is the fact that no fat or batter was used to cook the fish. I had smoked fish with salad two days in a row, but since I am quite keen on catching a kingfish off the rocks and had also heard of a huge one being sighted, I went out on Friday to a ledge on the east coast.

The conditions were good and I had plenty berley and bait with me to have a decent go at attracting a kingfish. I started fishing 3 hours before low tide. The first live bait was a 35 cm trevally, which got replaced with a 30 cm trevally and eventually with a very lively 25 cm trevally. This trev was out doing its half-circles under a balloon an hour before low tide.

An hour after low tide I started packing in, still hoping that his majesty will grant me with a visit and take the right-sized and tasty trev.

Unfortunately, there was no sign of a kingfish at all nor of any other big, predatory fish. I landed a few 40 cm+ trevally and in spite of berleying hard, I only saw one kahawai. It was too big to send out, but I landed it for the smoker.

Live baiting with a great-sized trevally.
Live baiting with a great-sized trevally. 50 lbs main line on a Shimano TLD 25 and respective rod.

trevally_snapperWhen you land nice fish like these off the rocks, you certainly can’t complain, but I was a bit disappointed. Mostly because my timing just wasn’t right for the kingies. Maybe next time…

I prefer smoked trevally over smoked snapper and will have smoked fish and salad for the next two days...
I prefer smoked trevally over smoked snapper and will have smoked fish and salad for the next two days…

2 thoughts on “Smoked Fish and Salad”

    1. Good to know mate. I like them, too. Very delicious (especially when smoked), hard fighting and more challenging than snapper to land.
      And, there is this spot that I fish that just holds the trevs in, they are there every time…

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