Rain, Rain and More Wind.

It’s been raining since Sunday, on and off drizzle and short downpours. Reminds me a bit of when I moved here in winter. The drive way and all around the house site are muddy. The wind is blowing like mad from east, north-east, the sky is gray with low-hanging clouds and I haven’t seen the sun for a while. Lucky I went around the site with the weed-eater last Sunday; a bit of a tidy up really…

Iranium is doing well, we went for a stroll into the bush the other day. I whisper to her when we’re in the bush, so she understands to be on guard and quiet. We’re busy at work, just one more week before Christmas break. Today we finished the engine swapping project. I’m stoked, the truck goes mint, the engine runs fine. She was almost a major, but it worked out at the end pretty neatly. There is bugger all I can do at home. When it’s windy and wet, you just don’t feel like doing much outside. I’ve done a bit more gardening, but yeah I’m starting to read a bit more as well. The forecast is for more rain and weather like this until the weekend. Then, I hear, the southwesterlies are going to come and visit again. Yeay… However, usually it rains through until Christmas in New Zealand anyway. So that’s nothing new.

In the backyard
The air smells beautiful in the bush when it has been raining...
She is still so small...
Iranium, on a bush mission

I’m looking forward to some calmer days. There has been a constant swell on the east coast, this could be a good sign for good land based fishing over Christmas. Stay tuned. Finally, a representative picture of the last 4 days.

Wind, rain and low-hanging clouds...

2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain and More Wind.”

  1. Well it’s been like that here for about the last 10,000 years I believe. I mean seriously what part of the world can have consecutive rain for 352 days? (Ireland actually, but it’s close enough for me!) Although I seem to remember the sun shone when you came over a couple of years ago! Anyway, it’s certainly wet tonight, and 3 degrees too!

    The good news is you don’t have to water the veggies with all the rain and for a few days afterwards too. I do hope you are able to store some of it at least for when drier times arrive.

    Yep get out there and do some fishing and good luck with that. Worst thing will be an influx of people onto the island over that period which may intefere with some of your plans. Paul xxxxx

    1. When I was in London a couple years back during summer, it was hot and sunny for a whole week. Had to buy sunscreen… A bit too much rain for my taste though, the track is getting muddy, will have to do some work on the drive way, good for the veges, but not big rain every day. A bit of rot happening already. It looks good today though. The east coast is still rough, hope to be able to do some rock fishing there in by next week. Keep it real, thx, B

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