Pushed Around Like Clouds

Dear friend,

sometimes we are pushed around in life by forces outside of our control. We might feel, as a result, a lack of consistency, shape and even ability. These emotions can have negative impact on our lives. How we deal with this realisation or feeling is the aim of this post. But let us take a figurative step back and think of clouds. It has helped me and it might do so for you.

These visible masses of floating water vapour have no constant shape or consistency. They don’t have the ability to withstand being pushed and shaped by the wind. Solid objects (like a hill) and particles (like photons) that are invisible to our naked eye are further forces that determine how a cloud formation looks like.


Putting Things Into Persepective

When people use their authority to push you around, when they use words that disturb your shape, when they use forces that are invisible but have great effect, you might feel like a cloud but develop negative connotations.

Yes, you might have lost your job or some material possession like your smart-phone. You can be angry, and it is good to be angry. However, my friend, ask yourself how bad things are objectively. Take a breather and put things into perspective.

Did you lose your loved partner, your child, your health?, is what happened to you due to forces you cannot control going to disturb you for possibly ever?

If your answer is no, then immediately stop dwelling on the emotions of inability and lack of shape, for you shall not give them enough weight to press you down.

Clouds & Photography

In land and sea-scape photography, often it is the clouds that add drama, spice and context to the image. Spend enough time watching clouds, observing their shapes and formations and how these are constantly disturbed by parameters like wind, light and pressure gradients and you end up with a feeling of beauty and understanding.


Clouds continue to do their thing, irrespective of having constant shape.  When you think of clouds, you don’t regard their lack of having constant shape negatively. On the contrary, you probably regard this as a positive. Our attraction to clouds is due to their ever-changing formations and how these interact with their surroundings.

A Cloud Is A Cloud, Is A Cloud

What I am trying to say my friend, is that we can recognize a cloud and if its form changes due to a wind or mountain, we still see a cloud. In a way, the cloud hasn’t changed, its interplay with the surroundings have created a collective change for the observer, but the cloud remains a cloud.

So when something dramatic changes your consistency, that shall not equate to a change of who you are. You shall not focus on fighting the forces that created this change in consistency, no, focus on shaping around these forces and continuing to do your thing._IMG6473_lzn

Cheers, Ben

P.S. You can enjoy these and more photographs of clouds in the gallery Visible Mass of Floating Watery Vapour on my photography site.

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