Public Person Of The Year – Jürgen Todenhöfer

We celebrate people who do nothing for us and we display our apparent appreciation verbally by using a new-formed language. The type that consists mainly of unfounded exaggerations, superlatives and arguing without having arguments.

As a person who struggled finding the right means to convince others about the atrocities and motives of the Wars OF Terror, and the fact, that still, after more than a decade of it, those who commit crimes on levels that are unimaginable to the outsider – for the person who is not directly affected (like myself) – not only get away with it, not only continue to do it, but tragically still have the active or passive support of too many, I am moved and touched by the actions and the words of Jürgen Todenhöfer.

In times, when a debate is not about the validity of arguments any more, when there is hardly any interest in establishing whether what was said is correct or not, when this, what should be the core of any debate has been replaced by feeling personally criticized and taking offence to such an extent where an ugly self-defence mechanism kicks in, it is utterly refreshing to see a public figure elucidating with words, intelligence and actions. 

In the same breath, I hope that other public figures, those who do nothing for us but are celebrated like kings and queens, and especially those who have a mandate by their nation, will stand up and put the focus on the atrocities that are being carried out NOW, instead of putting it on the unknown, on what could potentially happen and of course the potential victims.


In his article “5 Reasons Why Iran Doesn’t Want The Bomb“, he states  5 reasons against the bomb, which are in crass contrast to the constant Iran-bashing. The most striking argument to me, something that one needs to read twice is, (quote) The Supreme Leader of Iran’s irrevocable Fatwa, stating that the bomb was against Islam (end quote).

Islamic State

Read also about the children of the War OF Terror (Seven Impressions of Islamic State).


To those who read his articles, there is no doubt that Jürgen Todenhöfer condemns any form of terror, extremism, violence, and discrimination, he engages in dialogue be it with the IS, Bashir Assad, the victims of Gaza or his critics in Germany. He is a public figure, who de-fuels extremism, he asks the questions that many more influential people should ask, and provides suggestions and answers that are in contrast to the usual, agenda-based tenor.

His message of altruism and seeking non-violent solutions through discourse resonates. 

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What do I mean by The War OF Terror? I’m referring to the spreading of fear and intimidation, threatening and using (deadly) force against property, people and their culture, intending to create lasting fear and de-motivation, with the sole aim of furthering one’s or a people’s agenda.

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