Plenty To Look Forward To

The featured image of this article is from May 2011. The weather of the past weeks can be summed up by the term inclement. Lots and lots of rain with gale-force winds, and I haven’t been up to much else than my paid jobs. Still no fishing; there was an opportunity for it on Sunday – then again, opportunities are plenty-full and omnipresent when living by the sea – but I just didn’t fancy getting wet and standing and exposing myself to the wind chill.

You don’t have to say it out loud, I know what you’re thinking. “Ben’s got it too comfortable.” And you are more than right, I’ve been neglecting the fishing, amongst other things.

I’m heading to Town for the weekend to get my photo-voltaics systems. I’m taking the car on the ferry and have a long list of things to buy. Something like a shopping frenzy really. Hopefully, weather conditions are better when I get back as I want to install those solar panels immediately and write another article in the Solar Power System Series.

In other news, I’m participating in the Great Barrier Island Wharf 2 Wharf Marathon on the 11th October. This will be the third time I’ll be challenging myself on the 42.2 km distance. I registered for the full marathon walk. Yes, it says walk. My level of competitiveness seems to decrease year to year.

It was heaps of hard-working fun on the mountain bike in 2011, the attempt to run the entire distance 2013 confirmed that arguably only gods or fools try to run a marathon without any practice. This time, I’ll be walking, mingling with the natives and the visitors, maybe even taking some pictures.

Other than looking forward to the warmer season, daylight savings is only 6 days away, I’m heading to Motu Tiri Tiri Matangi as part of an Off-Island trip with some lucky Youth from the Island. Another massive event on the Barrier will be the Kawa Marae opening.  There is an explanation of Marae on wikipedia, and the tangata whenua and mana whenua of Aotea website is worth a visit as well. I particularly like their logo.

The week-end after I’ll be partaking with some lucky, home-schooled Youth in a multi day adventure via the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre of New Zealand (Great Barrier Island).

Once it gets a bit warmer I’ll be instructing primary school students in their sailing/kayaking activities as part of their curriculum. So yeah, the kids are pretty lucky here on Aotea and well, I never made a secret of it, but the gods are very mild with me as well.

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