Sunset in Tryphena

Tryphena Harbor
Looks calm enough until you’re standing on the ledge.


Cape Barrier


Medland’s Beach


Momo facing a northerly gust.


Momo cruising along.
























Morning fog
I’ve been eating lots of plums lately.
Not that spectacular, but hey…
My automatic watering system.
Have since covered the holes with a strip of cotton, so it doesn’t spray onto the plants; 24/7 irrigation, so far so good.

























Hardly any birds munching on the plums this year. Rani is getting her fair bit though.


Can you spot Momo the cat? He likes to hide and ‘meaow’…


More plums


Rani and I, about to take a nap in the hills…
























Palmer’s Beach



4 thoughts on “Pictures”

  1. Great pictures from “paradise”! The cat looks mean in that first pic. Oh yeah he is pretty mean. In the night anyway! Great idea to irrigate the veggies, as long as you don’t use all the water from the stream. Plums are looking good. Buy some sugar and make some jam! And if you had a freezer….. Rani still has big feet for her size, I guess she’s still growing? And don’t you ever smile? Paul xxxxx

    1. Momo ain’t mean, he was just facing a gust of wind. He’s doing really well on the rat front, leaving them outside as a warning to others and munching on their heads
      every now and then when he’s short of dry food. I really hope he hangs around here while I’m gone, the automatic feeder is working well and he’s got used to it. It’ll be the longest time he’s been alone.

      Yeah, the plum tree did really well this year, hardly any birds eating the fruit, and since the other old plum tree collapsed last year due to rot, the remaining one does even better. Was thinking of plum sauce and jam, but decided to give the plums away. Will have a go at it next year. Rani appears to be still growing, her brothers are both much, much bigger, but she’s lean and fit, running up and down the driveway being chased by me on the quad seems to do the trick.

      I’ve got a hard time already keeping my eyes open on photos, now I have to think about smiling? What’s next, wear a shirt and tuck it into my pants?

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