Pictures Of The Week 42

2015 is going to be a big year for me and BENIsLAND. I’ve already published a blog dedicated to Great Barrier Island Rockfishing and will go live with a dedicated Great Barrier Island Photography blog soon. In the process of sorting out the images I took over the last four years, I realised that my approach was systematically wrong. How can you shoot pictures that fascinate the observer and that tell a story, using a cheap, fully automatic point and shoot camera and not knowing, for instance, what depth of field is?

As of last week, I’m an excited owner of a Pentax K-50 DSLR camera. There is not one good argument as to why I did not purchase a DSLR camera earlier in my life. Frankly, it is just embarrassing. Anyway, I have a new hobby, and, as usual, I’ll start at the beginning and work myself up to an ‘Oberliga’ level.

Here is to another chapter of my life on the Barrier. Suggestions and comments are always welcome. Cheers, Ben

Tryphena Harbour, shot from Station Rock Road Lookout.









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