Pictures Of The Week 33 – Mussels and Sea-Weed

It has been more than a week since my last post and about 6 weeks since I went fishing last. I kinda feel bad about it, especially as traffic is increasing steadily on BENIsLAND. Perhaps the rainy weather had gotten to me, I spent quite a few days inside watching movies and not doing much at all. BTW, I watched an awesome film titled ‘The Castle‘ from 1997. Even shot a tear; funny, moving and such clear and time-less messages that would have resolved a many issues between people and will resolve present and future problems, too. If only, well watch the film.

Weather conditions permitting, I’ll go fishing this weekend.

I haven’t really been up to much either, other than the usual chore of sorting out firewood. I’ve already felled 20+ trees for next winter and my plan is to cut and stack them during the summer. Although I don’t seem to have any pictures, I’ve also been busy creating a couple raised beds for the gardens and turning the soil over.

I’m very much looking forward to the 21-09-14, which does not only mark more or less the beginning of spring and therefore a new year (for me), but my lifestyle and general living conditions are going to change dramatically for the better. More about that in a future post.

No, I’m not getting married…

I’m starting to hate my new Lumix Camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ8). Picture quality is visibly much worse than the predecessor and being WiFi compatible, the response time is so slow. Never had a camera with such slow response times, it is ridiculous.

I’m just mentioning that as the pictures I take walking in the backyard are simply awful.

creeknikautrackI felt like some seafood or as they say in Maori ‘kai moana’ yesterday and went to the beach to get green lipped mussels. Unfortunately, they felt light which I take being a sign that it’s not the right time of the year.

mussels3The shells are reasonably sized, however, the mussels were very tiny. But hey, not complaining, took the dog out for a walk and enjoyed the beach.

east_coastmusselsI forgot to collect fresh sea-weed. It comes, perhaps, to no surprise but most sea-weed is edible and I read that it is best enjoyed after being washed and dried. It should also come to no surprise that sea-weed contains plenty nutrients that are not present in the everyday foods people consume. So yeah, I’ll let you know… Really looking forward to adding some more flavour (good and free) to the dishes I cook.


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