Pictures of the Week 28 – Chilichef

Healthy looking chili plants
Healthy looking chili plants

These healthy chili plants are unfortunately not mine, I failed yet again to grow chilis and capsicums successfully. While chatting with Tony – on my way to a fishing spot – I noticed these plants from the corner of my eye, which led to more chatting and a closer inspection.

Tony told me – I believe – which variety these chilis were, but I might have forgotten or never really gotten it. I just remember something about ‘Asian Hot Number 1’ – but were we talking about the chilis?, did Tony actually utter these words in this order? did he buy the seeds from an Asian woman? – but highly doubt they are named that, especially after utilizing a search engine. Here are some more pictures, perhaps you can identify them.

P1060095P1060094Tony gave me a handful to take home. I enjoyed them raw in a salad and used them for a fish curry, but that didn’t turn out to be hot at all.

While I’ve got your attention, chilis are great, aren’t they? If you speak the old German or have ever wondered what it takes to call yourself the ChiliChef, have a look at The German Chilichef does not only provide you with recipes and know-how in all matters Chili and BBQ, no, he doesn’t stop there, you can hire The Team Chilichef and they will come to you (I think they provide an international service) to grill and cater for your party.

Coming back to Tony, the retired, cool man, who invites me over for the old home-brew when I make an appearance to the Cape, had more interesting plants to photograph.

Cacti in kina (sea urchin).
Cacti in kina (sea urchin).


4 thoughts on “Pictures of the Week 28 – Chilichef”

  1. If those Chillis weren’t hot at all, maybe they are just a kind of paprica and not ought to be spicy. It’s all the same species (but I guess you know that).

    You could ask Marcy about Chillis. I had an horrible half-an-hour with one of his self grown lemon-drops, it gave me facial spastics!

    1. Hey Thunder, sounds like you had a good time. Okay, fair enough, if I fail next year to grow them, I will ask bloody Marcy… Cheers, B

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