4 thoughts on “Pictures of the Week 2”

    1. There are some awesome displays of colour around, often quite subtle and I can’t pick it up properly with my camera. I found my tripod and will give it a go
      at taking pictures of the starry sky. The shoes are overdue of an upgrade, but I can’t get any here. Amazing how much life you can get out of 35 dollar boots
      and 30 dollar gum boots. Cheers, Ben

  1. Hey mate. I guess I can get you some boots in Auckland before I come over, as long as you can give me a few skies like that! Paul xxxxx

    1. That would be great Paul, something cheap from Warehouse or 1,2 Shoe. We’ll chat when you’re in the country. No skies like that at the moment, very cloudy, but still windy on the east coast. Hope I’ll get some good rain before you come over, it’s been very dry, the creek is quite dried out… Next chance the wind drops
      I’ll be out on the east coast, have a go at kingis. Went to the lighthouse 2 days ago for an evening fish. Should have been calm, but it wasn’t, and there was a freakin’ cray pot close by. Caught zip but hiwihiwi and leather jacket. Not good…

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