2 thoughts on “Pictures of the Week 12”

  1. Awana looks interesting – next year! And I never tire of looking at PJ! Funnily enough there is a flight simulator on Google Earth and before I left NZ this time I spent an evening having spectacular crashes all around the Northern Coromandel, Southern Barrier and Cuvier. I even tried landing at Claris (unsuccessfully!). I think I even crashed into Station Rock. So watch out over there mate, Paul xxxxx

    1. Awana area is THE area for big snapper. I take your word for it, next year we’ll be concentrating on the number 1 target fish, namely big snapper. I’ve got
      two and more spots there, I think you’ll like to stay on that rock by the river mouth… Mate, if you fly like you drive, I’m not surprised at all…

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