On Leave in Germany

About ten days ago I left the Barrier for what is a holiday from another holiday. The day spent in Auckland was very relaxing, fast food, CBD high life, hot showers with plenty of water pressure and I managed to use up about 100 kWh in 24 hours (the amount of electrical energy I would normally use in about three months back home…). Apart from the long-haul flight, I’m enjoying myself so much that I shall try from now on to leave the Barrier and visit my other homes once a year. I must mention, however, that this is the first time in Germany where I don’t see fancy cars everywhere and the first time I spot how lousy Germans can build car ports and other house add ons.

Time to have another beer; did you know that premium beer costs about 1.60 NZD per litre? On that note, another interesting piece of info (especially for everyone who had/has to go the dentist on the Barrier): 17 NZD to get an X-ray of my teeth…

For more impressions, visit my other blog (The Great Barrier Photography Blog – On Leave in Germany).


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