{Of} Jerry Goldsmith & Excited States

What would our world look like without excited states? Better, how would we observe our world, our surroundings, our emotions and hopes, if we didn’t know about excited states? I’m not going to try to answer such a question, because i) I am in an excited state at the very moment and ii) even if I weren’t, I wouldn’t be able to give a worthwhile, or at least convincing (sounding) answer to such a hypothetical and perhaps stupid question. So, instead, let me talk about Jerry Goldsmith. 

I was a young boy, aged 8-9 years, when I first, without knowing it, without being made aware of it, watched my all-time favorite movie. I had this remote, a cable remote control, for a TV-set hooked up to ‘cable’ with around 200 channels, in Casper, Wyoming in my hand. My memory is in many aspects incommensurable to what I am used to these days; I recall my uncle letting me flick through this vast amount of channels, back in the late 80s, with only one condition. “I don’t want you to watch wrestling. This is bullshit! But do watch TV, it will help you learn English” Back then it was still the glorious WWF, the World Wrestling Foundation (or was it Federation, am I getting old? is my memory after all only mediocre? No, it’s Foundation!!!).

Nevertheless, there I was, sitting in a basement of your average American home in a comfy lounge couch, all by myself, with this enormous wired remote control and Lucky, the dog, beside me. And this is when I saw it.

My all-time favorite movie. First Blood. There was this man, who was on a mission to meet his friend, his buddy in war, and on a mission to leave aside his horrific experiences in the Vietnam War and to be seen just as an American; and coming to grips with being back in so-called society. He portrayed a hero. A modest hero, a solitary man living through the transition of going back to his home country, the country that made him go to war in the first place but didn’t acknowledge or like men like him. A MAN, who endured and coped with his troubles, experiences and emotions on his own without allowing any interference from outsiders. From people, who didn’t know but like to call themselves experts anyway. Perhaps this was one of the reasons he was seeking his friend.

It turned out his friend died of cancer, and for me the remarkable thing is that I will still recognize this movie by only watching a couple of frames or by listening to a few seconds of the soundtrack. First Blood, a massive block buster back in 1982, to me and to others who can watch a movie and let aside stereotypes, is still nowadays one of the best Hollywood movies about the Vietnam War. Later, First Blood was also titled Rambo I, which, unfortunately, is enough for many to seal this movie as a random, stupid action flick.

Yeah right, the movie is stupid… You, on the other hand, are intelligent….

So, what am I getting at? Well, my good friend had an accident a few days ago and when I went to visit him today, he was smiling. As usual. He is very strong. Thus, since he shouldn’t drink now, I had a good solitude session on BENIsLAND with a bottle and a half, so far, of Central Otago Pinot Noir and am cranking the tunes.

In between reggae, rock and some soul there was Jerry Goldsmith in the play-list. I can’t upload the song here. However, if you happen to listen to Goldsmith’s feature soundtrack to First Blood, you, hopefully, will hear what I hear. There are endless soundtracks out there, but this soundtrack is unique as it embraces in only a couple of minutes the entire synopsis of the movie. Even if you have never seen the movie, or even if you are listening to it (the soundtrack) only casualy you can’t help but feeling the deep emotions of John J. Rambo in First Blood. A man, after learning that his mate, his motivation to come to where he was, ironically the actual city’s name where the movie was shot is Hope, had died, decided to go ‘downtown’ to have a feed but was instead enforced to re-live ‘Vietnam’. Hmm, this makes me think. Did he ever get a chance to grab a bite? I have to watch the movie again.

Finally, I have met people that lived life according to a straight, horizontal line! With no ups and downs, without any peaks and excitations. This was the way, they wanted to exist. While never being able to understand such an unnatural notion, I admired some of those people. They seemed happy with their lifestyle! Only a few though, the majority were just scared to get excited.

And here we are again, what would a world be without excited states? Well, undoubtedly, we wouldn’t be able to see anything!

4 thoughts on “{Of} Jerry Goldsmith & Excited States”

    1. WWF rocked! Solid entertainment. Speaking of, just watched something hilarious on FB. All I can say is, “baby girl, you mean more to me than …
      than golden diamonds to the greediest thiefs… What a vow. Can’t stop laughing…

  1. One of the best movies ever, indeed! Closely followed by “Apocalypse Now”.
    The soundtrack is actually also an interesting approach – just had a listen to it (for the first time). When it comes to stories transported through music one of my favorites is Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”. Enjoy the summer! Cheers

    1. Cheers Michael, just listened to Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”; moving. Good to see there are some ‘normal’ people out there who describe First Blood as a great movie. Cheers, B

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