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I’ve got great news for all fishing enthusiasts. Finally, there is a digital fishing magazine in New Zealand, and you can access all issues for free. You know, paying 8-10 bucks for a fishing magazine that you read in a couple of days and then throw away seems like a waste of money and also resources. Considering that more and more people use tablet computers, I do wonder why the leading NZ fishing magazines don’t offer their content also in digital form. NZFisher is entirely free and because of its format, people from all over the world have now a way to stay updated on what’s happening in New Zealand.

I am stoked that an article from BENIsLAND has been reproduced in the current December Issue. It is a great feeling to know that my articles are appreciated by the fishing community which in turn is a huge incentive to get out there more often, to fish hard(er) and to keep sharing my experiences and growing knowledge.

After all, in my early fishing days, I learned pretty much all that I needed about land based fishing by reading various magazines and online articles. So whether you are thinking about getting into fishing or you are a well seasoned fishing person, I’m sure that there is plenty of new material out there for you to read. Especially if you work in front of a computer and essentially waste time on trademe or that face book thing, why not use that time a bit more wisely and bookmark or subscribe to NZFisher?

By the way, I got up really early last Sunday and targeted kingis with my mate from the rocks. We had perfect-sized trevally live-baits out but there was no sight of his majesty. That’s cool though, it will be a different story in a few months!

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