NZ Fisheries – That’s Not Fair

Just got this message from a Green Party MP in regards to the reduction of the daily snapper bag limit for recreational fishers in the wider Auckland area that has been announced by the current government. Yes, it is down from 9 snapper per day to 7 and the size limit will increase from 27 cm to 30 cm. Commercial snapper fishing won’t be affected though (no size limit at all.) ‘That’s not fair!’ This is what many think, including this Green Party MP. I replied,

    you cannot get the fisheries right or for that matter any other natural resource in New Zealand if the goal is predominantly to export for profit (focusing on quantity and not quality), rather than supply those living here with affordable and good quality fish. Replace fish with other types of food.

The system is wrong and the entire line of thought is wrong. Such a beautiful country with low population density, where you can grow all crops and have great fisheries, and what do people and politicians do?

Enforce and live in a capitalistic system in which people have to work to be able to afford all those produces and foods that are abundantly, readily and cheaply available here. Then again we can feel good about our lives, spending money that we don’t yet have on things we don’t need to impress people we don’t really like.

Cost of food, services, building a home and so forth are an utter joke. This is what’s not fair.

In regards to fishing, what’s happening here in terms of aqua-farming? Farming and fishing create great revenue for NZ and while other countries have well established aqua-farming, it will require some dude from some NZ university to ‘discover’ how farming and fishing can go hand in hand in some years to come.

Ah well, we only use a tiny amount of our brains, so it comes to no surprise that we only live up to a tiny amount of our potential.

You can go ahead and blame others and play the system or you can, well, then again, there is nothing else we are allowed to do.


What do you think?

2 thoughts on “NZ Fisheries – That’s Not Fair”

  1. From talking to someone from NZ today, it seems that this was a diversionary tactic used by the government to be the focus of public attention whilst they slipped some other nasty legislation regarding surveillance of the population through. Sadly the governments of most countries in the world do very little to help their own people. Instead, as you mention resources are plundered, very often by overseas interests, creating scarcity and demand in the very populations that strictly speaking own them. I wonder why? Paul xxxxx

    1. Such is life buddy, it is quite interesting for me to look at the local politics and public opinions on the Island. It is basically the same, most feel that they must have an opinion, and totally abstract and meaningless words like, sustainability, recycling, education, family, development opportunities etc. are constantly used and hardly any one asks what is exactly meant. Sounds good, so yeah, ‘I’ like it. We’ve got local elections at the moment as well, so it is great (not really) to see that most candidates have totally abstract and all-inclusive agendas. It’s all a shocker really, perhaps the wise (wo)man just ignores it all… In the language of Jeremy Clarksen, any councillor/politician who increases Auckland Councils debt (I hear some 6 billion) should be shot! Then again, working with youth and engaging with parents and other adults that feel the need to give me their input, it is so bizarre that an adult cannot be modest enough to realize when he/she has a biased, partial and irrational opinion, and just keep it to themselves….

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