Not much happening…

Well, it appears I have been a bit lazy posting but then again I haven’t been up to much lately. Things are going well at work and I will be working 4 days a week now. If I were to sum up ‘what work is like’ I would say: great atmosphere with a lot of strong characters, very amusing, you’ve gotta think on your feet and always have a comeback ready, it builds up the confidence level because I’m working with and around heavy machinery and fix stuff (it’s a great feeling to fix things, things that are actually needed), challenging and at stages exhausting. I’ve mentioned it before but I like to do so again. It’s a great feeling working in an environment, in which people don’t think they are better than others and don’t constantly think: me, me, me.

I went for a fish on Friday. It was just after new moon, with strong and big tides and instead of going for a quick fish, I was on the rocks for 5-6 hours. The results were disappointing, I chucked a lot of crushed up kina into the sea to attract the fish and when a school of mullet came around, I thought I was in business (big mullet are great, oily bait). But it was all to no avail, nothing touched the butterflied, big mullet baits, and I only managed to land one small kahawai that ended up on the plate for dinner… It got considerable warmer after Labour Weekend which is good news for the gardening projects. I try to do some gardening every weekend, it is hard work and progress is only slow, but if you keep doing something step by step you’ll end up making more progress than you thought beforehand. The beans, sweet corn, cucumbers and silver beet seeds I planted last weekend started germinating and growing.

Lebanese cucumber. Well, they are persian, don't know why they call them Lebanese...
Carrots. There is heaps of action above the soil, I hope there is also some underneath...
Climbing beans and sweet corn in the background. Tomatoes in the back-background. Apparently, beans can uptake nitrogen from the air and the Indians ('American'-Indians) found out many moons ago that beans and sweet corn accompany each other very well.

I planted the beans 7 days ago and ‘they’ seem to be right. Beans are a gardener’s delight, as they are easy to grow and as they have good yields. I still have a lot of seeds and am going to dig up some soil and sow something each weekend. Still have got heaps of tomato seedlings and I’m starting to plant them in random areas on the property.

There are 20 tomato plants in planter bags and another 20 rogue ones in random spots, but I still have plenty of seedlings to plant..

The fruit trees and grape vines are also doing well, I’ll post some pictures next week. What else is on, what else is on? Well, the ‘Black Jug Fishing Haggle’ is on this weekend. Token is 65 $, but there is a hangi and some entertainment involved. In addition the only prize is for the heaviest snapper. Winner takes it all. So the jackpot should be around 5000-10000 NZD. The way I’m going with the fishing I shouldn’t even consider taking part, but you’ve gotta stay confident! In other good news, I’ve got dibs on a puppy. Yeah, it’s all coming together, it will be a Labrador and she will be called smokey. I went to see them on Sunday, there are 4 pupps, 2 males, 2 females and as it appears I will have the first pick. Not quite sure why, but I ended up having a good chat with the owner and he seems to like me. It appears that many seem to like me, which is great, because I like many… hehe So yeah, the plan is to go and have a look at the puppies on the weekends to gauge which one ‘feels right’. At the moment they are tiny, can’t stand on their own feet and have just opened there eyes. A picture would be good now, but I didn’t have my camera on me… Anyway, I’m looking very much forward to having another buddy on the farm. Mohammed will keep her good company.

And finally, after looking at the puppies on Sunday I thought it would be good to catch up with someone and watch a movie or so. I went up to my mates place, no one there. So I went back to check my mail and whilst reading a letter, 3 of my mates turned up there as well. And I ended up watching some movies at a mate’s place. Let’s see. We watched Jonah HEX and another action flick, I forgot the title. Both of them were entertaining. That’s about it guys and gals, I hope you’re all doing fine and keep reading my little blog, and stay enthusiastic about the Barrier. Some of you are in regular contact with me. I appreciate that, and believe me, I’m busier than you, so if you wanna come out here, just pop us an email. Don’t wait for me to invite you. All my friends are always welcome over here!

4 thoughts on “Not much happening…”

  1. Hola Ben, happy to hear about the extended work hours. Should make life even less stressful (If that is at all possible) and certainly help with the projects. The gardens are looking good, green thumb is showing and it’s even better to hear about the dog, I really miss having one … sigh. Anyway should be popping in there in a couple of weeks after the exam is over (11 November is the last) and a couple of things have been taken care of.

    You might have to come here and sail back with me 😉

    1. Heya mate. Yeah work is good, quite physical though… Hope it all goes well with the dog. I’ll go and have a look at her later this coming week. Yeah, that’s the plan. Me and Jonah will sail to AKL on mates yacht, then sail back with you. Give us a date, both me and Jonah gotta get some stuff done in town before we sail back. See you soon then

  2. Hey Ben. Good you’ve got more work, at least it takes some pressure off, even if you have a little less time to develop things. I can understand the pleasure of fixing things, I found it as a teenager and have made my career out of it. Some may consider it to be a far more important life skill than anything you can find in university, some may not. Maybe time will tell…..

    Things look good in the garden too, the plants can do a bit of work on their own right now. I just hope they get enough water come high summer…..

    You’ll definately find a dog good company, will that become a hunting dog? I’m no dog fancier, so I don’t know quite how Labs fare face to face with a pig…..

    Good luck if you go fishing mate and have a good weekend. Take care, P xxxxx

    1. Cheers mate, fixing things and building things. Two skills I like to learn. Went fishing, stayed over night on the rocks. Fished hard, but nothing close to the trophy. Will right a report later on. We both hope there is still water around in the summer time…. hehe
      Dog will be good. Lab should do fine with spotting a pig, I suppose. Going for a farm dog at the moment. Never had a dog before.

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