No wind; I’ve got Internet again…

First things first, this week I tried every day getting an Internet connection going, but it appears that with all the overcast weather, rain and wind, that I shouldn’t bother trying. It only seems to work when we have clear skies.

Yeah, tough week for Beni, I can tell you. I worked Mon-Fri at a renovation site, at a nice lady with manicured, beautiful gardens. In return, I get to take some double doors, windows and some odd, left-ofter building material like planks, copper pipes etc. And a 4×4 truck to bring things onto my site. The work was okay, nice atmosphere and manual labor is great in the way that after 5 hours of working you can see progress and see what you have achieved. It usually is more than you thought. I did some site clearing and heaps of gardening. I don’t have my car at the moment, thus am using my MTB bike. It is good! I’m getting fitter everyday, and people see me on my push-bike, in my mud-covered work-clothes and gumboots struggling up and down the coast. Earning respect points with some locals. I am meeting islanders on the renovation site and on the roads. My other ‘next-door’ neighbor is also a good dude, he is holding his eyes out for a puppy for me. He owns 5 dogs, is a hunter and yeah a good guy.


A entire week of this, you can’t see the wind… It is strong

The weather has been rough as well. 40 knts of winds from almost any direction, changing every 10 minutes and gusting around 55 knts (1 knt equals here approx 1.85 km/hour). It’s been raining too, not constantly but frequent showers that, together with the wind, seem to be coming at you horizontally at times. So yeah, all a bit tough going, It takes me around 20 minutes to get up my own driveway with the bike. Going down is another story. It takes around 5 min if you gun it, and you pick up a great speed on the bike. Wednesday I went for dinner to friends, got a bit drunk and decided I had to go home. BRING a TORCH to GBI! I couldn’t see a thing, even with a torch… hehe. Took me 1 hour to make the 5 km journey home.


My means of transportation. The front shock doesn’t work, otherwise good bike.

The mood is very good though. I’ve finished my part of the agreement and will be getting my building material next week or so. I started the Tuesday with stepping onto a nail. Ooooh yeah, baby! A warm, slightly pleasant sensation went from my foot through my spine; after a few seconds, it wasn’t that pleasant anymore. I had to pull my foot and boot out of the nail. Was lucky though, as the nail only pierced sideways through my big toe and the wound was bleeding.


This is one part of the garden I worked in.
This is a Lister diesel engine used as a generator. The lady I worked for has some mean gear, but she’s been here for 24 years…


Gonna build one of those. I’ve got the rocks, I’ve got the clay. There is good top soil on the property, but it is all clay after 30-50 cm. Perhaps I should consider building with clay…

I cleaned up the gutters around my A-Frame I am camping in. Yesterday, the wind was ripping through it and a strong gust picked up the door – my good mate StorySean gave it to me for good luck -, which weighs around 60 kg and hauled it onto the ground. This was after I cleaned up endless pieces of broken glass from my porch. Now, I’ve got some more…


My A-Frame. Upstairs is dry, downstairs is not. Mohammed is keeping guard. The wind picked up that heavy door and smashed it. Am gutted about that!
The back of the A-Frame. It took me around 6 hours to get it looking like this. Overgrown with weeds and rocks everywhere. I’ll be putting my generator here.
This took even longer. You can see how high the mud was. Water coming off the roof was just leaning against the building. I still need to work on the pitch. The A-Frame measures approx 6m x 3.5m x 4m (l,w,h)

I’ve got the whole weekend to do some work on my own site. Gonna fix the roof, some sheets are about to come off, there are also some holes. Gonna get the weed-eater out and clear out a couple more sections. Gonna find me more rocks, there seems to be an endless supply, to build me a bit of a walkway from the A-Frame down to the shed. It is a muddy mess at the moment and I suppose a good time to hammer those stones into the ground. Hopefully, I’ll get to clean downstairs too.

Yesterday I woke up to see this:


Dead rat with some grass… A bit odd.

So it appears that I have some rats like everyone else on the island. But I also have a deadly weapon.

Finally, I need some advice on pruning. I keep finding more and more fruit and other trees I cannot identify – think there are around 20 of such trees. I will start posting pictures of them – it is winter here -, perhaps some of you can help me identifying them. If you know of a good site (gardening etc.) where I can read up on pruning trees, please leave a reply.

It’ll keep hauling for another 4-5 days according to the marine radio. I’m looking forward to fishing. Once the wind is gone, the swell is gone, the fish will be close in and on the bite like Mumu Johnson, when he sees a burger shop.

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  1. Pruning can be a very hard job. At the end of the day you can’t really do too much damage to a tree as they are very resilant. You may find however pruning will prevent a tree from cropping for 1 – 2 cycles.
    is quite a handy website, also the Yates gardening website is awesome and join the newsletter that is emailed out. Filled with great hints and tips.

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