New Zealand Kaka & Camping On BENIsLAND

It has been lately rather hot here on the Barrier. More than 25 deg. Celsius at seven in the morning doesn’t feel normal, but I certainly don’t mind. As a matter of fact, I’ve been practising FKK (German for doing the stuff you do, as you do, but naked). I have a few cool off showers per day, the water comes straight from the creek and have otherwise been enjoying staying on the land. Listening to operas, reading, eating and walking through the bush.

Take Your Clothes Off & Go Hiking

Apropos naked, there is just something very special about hiking in the nude through the bush. There is no doubt that you feel better after engaging with nature, preferably including some sort of exercise, but let me tell you that it’s all different when you’re doing so without clothes on. I was naked all day yesterday, hiked to one of the designated camp-sites on my property and put up a tent, hammock and after establishing the site more, hiked back, cooked dinner and hiked back up to enjoy the rest of the evening.


North Island Kaka

The Kaka thrive here on beniSland. They eat nectar, seeds and fruit off the native trees, eat all the fruit off my orchards well before they even look ripe and nest in the massive, fallen Puriri trees. A few days ago, Rani (my dog) was startled, walking in front of me and the unusually loud screeching of a flock of Kaka signalled that something is going on.

When I reached Rani, she was pointing toward a scared, juvenile Kaka. Contrary to what some people say, not all dogs are the same, Rani didn’t even think of hurting it. She just waited for me and my approval.

At first I thought it was trapped, so I tried getting it out of its hiding spot. It was okay though, although I don’t know why it didn’t just fly away. I concluded that it “fell” out of the nest and despite its size doesn’t know how to fly.

Imagine more than a dozen Kaka (a parrot) flying frantically around me, screeching at me, dropping bark at me and perhaps they even tried shitting on me. The noise, you would have heard it for miles…

I told Rani to stay and waited for a photo opportunity. Still a bit of a mystery, the bird could open its wings fully, walked and climbed without any issues. It just did not attempt to fly, just hopped like a bunny…

New Zealand, North Island Kaka

There are more photographs and more info about Kakas on my photography blog; check it out by clicking on:

I forgot to include these two photos:

_IMG8303_lzn _IMG8529_lzn

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