My Driveway

It took a while but I finally managed to film and upload a video riding the quad up to my place. The long driveway, about 1.5 km, has its ups and down. I can’t drive up in the car when it gets really wet, obviously maintenance costs money and time, but on the positive side, it gives a greater private touch to BENIsLAND.

By the way, I purchased BENIsLAND two years ago on the first of May.

10 thoughts on “My Driveway”

  1. Hi Behnam,
    Congratulations to your beautiful purchase!
    The video was really entertaining, going fast through all the gravel roads and specially the noise of the engine! and at the end the reward was seeing the “A-frame”! 🙂 but I still think you need a horse to have all the goodies in one place.
    keep the good job,

    1. Hi Eli, thanks for your words. Sounds like you want to exchange your push bike for a motorized bike, aye? I try not to ride up fast since my last accident on the
      quad. I woke up at night in the mud with a deep cut on the chin and all muddy… hehe Yes, a horse would be good and useful. One day hopefully. Cheers, B

  2. It’s definitely private up there, it’s a long and nasty at times (in the wet) track. I’m glad to see the “washing” on the line is just the same as when I was there mate! However I still prefer the footage we shot from the car going up there. 2 years and counting. Good stuff. Keep at it! Paul xxxxx

    1. I already received some great advice. a) what do you mean your driveway is steep? Doesn’t look steep on the video, b) What you need to do is get some
      gravel and cover the whole driveway, then it won’t be that slippery… Let me go into La-La-Land as well. Oh wait, I’ve got an idea. I will tar seal the whole
      driveway, then build two lodges, get a helicopter pilot license and lest I forget, fence the entire property…

      1. yeah do it!!
        man sieht schon, dass es kein lidl-parkplatz ist…nettes video.
        auf die nächsten zwei jahre, ich trink ein paar bintang auf dich!

  3. A helicopter would frighten the horses though; it’s a dilemma.

    To the next couple of years; hopefully without stupid quad accidents…..

        1. Yeah, that was a funny one indeed. Fortunately, my skull was hardened by your assaulting attempt to break it back in school.

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