My Buddy Moe, The Keen German Angler

I met Moe a few years ago via an online discussion group about fishing in New Zealand on a facebook-similar social media platform. The first time we physically met was in Port Jackson, Coromandel Peninsular, and it was clear from day one that Moe was not only an avid salt- and freshwater angler but also highly skilled in the art and finesse of luring and – as he likes to call it – arresting fish. He spent an entire year in New Zealand and if he wasn’t in the vicinity of Turangi (the trout fishing capitol of the world, but also well-known for Turangi-Terror), fishing the rivers for rainbow and brown trout, he was either at the wharf in Cornwallis in the Waitakeres fishing for kingfish or touring the country in his station wagon – possibly scouting for new fishing spots…

He has since moved back to Berlin and judging by the frequency of his fishing sessions, I believe that he is still fishing more often than me. Especially now, since he has a very suitable fishing boat for the rivers and lakes, utilizing an electric motor, a sounder and making his own jigs and soft-plastics.

His latest fishing mission was on the Havel in Brandenburg and I have translated his email about it.


Yo mate,

I was Saturday on the Havel from 1330 to 1600 and wanted to catch loads of perches… lots and lots of them! Due to light snowfall and refreshing 2 deg C, I packed myself according to the onionskin principle, just like the ย Michelin-Man. For the first 90 minutes, I checked all the good spots that I know of. All the ridges and channels were like an absolute underwater-desert. ย There were neither any (forage) fish to be seen on the sounder, nor any bites… NOTHING! There were neither gulls nor cormorants hunting, no indication of life. There weren’t either any other boats on the Havel to be seen, zombie-apocalypse?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Breathe deeply and search the chart for inspirations! There wasn’t anything that I hadn’t already, even though crudely, scanned. Thus, go back to the first hot-spot, where I had begun the day, and hope… Before arriving at the deep part of the channel, there were echoes of big schools of smelts, which I must have simply overlooked initially. Not much later, in the midst of the channel, and the sounder showed the first, small bumps on the ground. Yeeees, I had finally found bigger fish! Anchor out and a jig right behind it!

Second retrieve (of the jig) and the hoped for; the dry ‘tock’ of a zander bite. I struck almost simultaneously, but after three, four strong head-butts the zander had freed itself. Bad luck. However, the lure seemed to be appealing. Unfortunately, the next three fish were foul-hooked breams. Just when I was about to leave the ‘bream-contaminated’ area, one bite after the other occurred! At the end, I had landed six zander about 75cm and had bagged one. When there were no more bites for then minutes, I retrieved the anchor and ended the tour smilingly. I’ll be back on the Havel this year for another two times, before the closed-season for zander begins in Berlin from 1.1 – 1.7.2013……. (Then the) pike and perch season begins in Brandenburg!!



In the following, a couple of pictures. Moe when you read this, send me a couple of pictures of your boat, Kanalperle, and I’ll update this post. Sure that your setup is quite interesting for NZ based boaties.

Moe sitting in his ‘Kanalperle’ on the Havel by Berlin at a refreshing temperature of 2 deg C.
The electric outboard from Torqeedo.

I really like the whole idea of owning and using an electric outboard. These units are lightweight, reliable, have an integrated GPS unit which constantly provides a precise overview of speed, location and the remaining range. I believe they are also fully submersible. A great choice for yacht owners, for the tender or even a small yacht, since you can recharge the batteries whilst on the go. Have a look at Torqeedo.

One of six landed zander.
Moe sent me these homemade soft-plastics, actually a while a go, and one day when I’m on a boat in the Colville Channel I’m gonna use them.
An assorted range of homemade soft-plastics. I’m sure Moe has them in all sizes, colors and varieties.


I’ve received a couple more pics from Moe’s boat. Have a look.

A great hull-design for a small fishing boat. Certainly better than the typical V-shaped bow on most of the dinghies here in NZ, at least when you want to stand in the boat. ย 



























3 thoughts on “My Buddy Moe, The Keen German Angler”

  1. Oh Ben,
    let me correct your translation in one point.
    I caught zander/walleye up to 75cm; four of them were just around 50-55cm. with six fish around 75cm in 2.5h i would start a guiding business. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Ok now i got some facts about the boat:
    – the hull weights 22kg, the benches and fittings 15-20kg
    – the size of the collapsed hull is 3m x 60cm x 15cm
    – the outboard (inc batteries) weights 14kg
    – it’s build under a license from porta bote”

  2. Nice little boat set up, perfect for fresh water, although I wouldn’t fancy it out in the Colville Channel! And a nice catch of Zander, very good eating I believe. Quite a science to find them though judging by the write-up. At least the Kingis come to us (on the rocks anyway)! I really must do you a write up of my lure fishing for Bass at some point Mr B, but it will have to be next summer, it’s just too cold for me to enjoy a trip to the coast here now! Paul xxxxx

    1. Yeah, Moe is pretty out of it when it comes to the science of fishing and he is remarkably often out there, catching fish. Wouldn’t be surprised if his fishing
      sessions were merely a disguise from whatever he’s really up to… I enjoyed our little bass trip a few years ago, the spots were remote and actually very beautiful. I’ll be feeling the cold soon enough, it’ll be a bit of a transition and I hardly have any clothes for the cold. Weather has been really good over here lately, I hope it won’t be a dry summer though.

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