Losing Rani

It’s been a bit quiet here on benisland, mainly because I haven’t been up to much practical stuff lately. Rani got lost on Sunday, she was having her breakfast in the morning and I went to the back garden trying to get at least something growing. The grass is man high in that corner and I’m guessing that when she finished her food, she couldn’t see or hear me and thought I left without her.

Well, 5 hours later and albeit checking the bush, my neighbor’s place, calling her and walking through the areas I take her for walks, absolutely no sign. It was an awful feeling, she’s been with me pretty much every day for the last 15 months and not knowing where she was, what she was doing, was concerning. I thought it’ll be best to stay put and continue calling out for her.

Then I told myself that she just went into the bush and after realising she was gone for a while and hearing me call her, she just kept in hiding, afraid of coming out of the bush and getting into trouble. An hour later and I decided to take other action. Drove down the driveway on the quad and met my neighbor, he mentioned that he saw a black dog sprinting out of the bush this morning, but wasn’t sure if it was Rani. He didn’t have his phone on him and had plans so couldn’t contact me.

I went down to the first house on the road and inquired. The nice couple had seen her in the morning and told me that a girl further down the road had taken her in. Sounded all really promising and relieving. It turned out that Rani wasn’t at the designated place any more but was dropped off at the local timber shop because she looked like the timber shop dog, who is actually Rani’s brother. That was still great news, she’s been to the timber shop before and knows her brother and a couple of people working there.

When I got there, the shop was already closed up, so I drove to the closest house, and there they were. Rani and her almost double-sized brother chewing on bones and relaxing in the sun.

She was happy to come back home but I bet she’d have also been happy to just stay there with her brother and run around and play with customers on the yard.

Since she never leaves the site, I think she just thought I left without her and sprinted down the drive way, where my car is parked. 10 meters further down is the road and new and exciting people to play with, so she forgot all about me and just went on and played with whoever was around. She certainly had a great day.

Posing after a swim at Pah Beach.
Posing after a swim at Pah Beach.

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