It’s Been a While

Well, it has been a while since the last update. I received a few emails from ‘concerned’ readers, asking if I’m alright, if things are going well. Thanks for that! Yeah, things are good, I’m working full-time which is good and bad. On the positive side I’m starting to break even financially, on the negative I’m going to work every day. This means, I’m out of BENIsLAND for 10 hours a day, and when I get back the attitude is a bit lax. I don’t want to say my motivation is/was down, because it is never a question of motivation, it is a question of attitude!

You can imagine, or perhaps you can not, but life is quite busy when you have to do everything by yourself, and when your setup is primitive. Thus, I’m still busy doing my day to day stuff. In addition, something always goes wrong. For instance, you come home all dirty and want to take a shower and realize that the water pressure is all gone, the next day you realize you don’t have any water at all. There is always a way and, this the greatest lesson for me, I got to get my arse up and got to go and find the problem, analyze it and fix it. These things are usually physical and a bit mental, albeit in most cases trivial. But then again, what is not trivial once you got your head around it?

I got my car stuck the other day whilst parking it. It took 5 hours in total to get the car unstuck again. I was stoked to have done so without damaging it. Work is at stages a bit frustrating, this is again an attitude problem. The frustrating nature is that I’m doing many things that I have never done before, sometimes things that I do regularly become frustrating – like fixing tyres – when I do every thing right, but progress is very slow.

Scott, the main mechanic at work is back after recuperating from a badly broken leg for a period of 7 months. That’s a big plus in terms of getting jobs done at work and also being on the safer side. Working with heavy machinery on your own can be a bit hairy…

What else is new? I’m still having big troubles with my Internet connection. Things go well until you want to do something meaningful. I can facebook all day, but when I want to upload a few pictures on my blog or do on-line grocery shopping things go back to 0 – 2 kilobyte per second. And this is what, excuse my language, fucks me off. Nothing is easy besides sitting on your arse and doing nothing. I did a big grocery order last week and when I went to pick my packages up, one package was missing. I wasted two hours at the wharf looking for it, which contained all my chilled goods, meat, cheeses, salami, to no avail. My perspective is that it never got delivered but try to explain that to Countdown, or the courier Freightlink. None of them have to worry about that. Countdown delivers to East Tamaki to FreightLink, they dump the entire grocery orders from everyone onto the wharf and that’s that. In no instance does anyone stack your packages together, or checks that they are all at the wharf and have been picked up. So yeah, I lost 50$ worth of goods and spent 2 hours looking for them like an idiot. No reimbursement of course.

But yeah, a new month has started and I’m going to work on my attitude. Meaning that I try not to be put off by other peoples mistakes, by little things that take too long. After all, I’m healthy, my brain works and on those rare occasions when I finished a days work, cleaned up and realize that my food is ready, that every thing is done, that there is no noise, no wind, no rain on the property and I can sit down with a cold and a hot one and watch the sunset, on these rare occasions I see the true beauty of my lifestyle. A feeling of achievement, solitude and of involvement.

Today, I went on a fire wood mission after cleaning up inside. Whilst tidying up inside, I listened to the radio. Some dude was saying that the tsunami will arrive at 1200 and that we should seek shelter in higher grounds. Hmmm, it is the first of April, but I had to turn the radio off after that. It was the local radio station and for the love of God, when you say something like that on radio, please give some more information. The direction would be very helpful…

The quad is doing fine but I should look into servicing it soon.


It is still warm at nights but I'm glad to have sorted a bit of fire wood out, should do something like that every weekend when it doesn't rain...

I watched an interesting documentary the other day, Zeitgeist III, ‘Fear or Love’. Well, Easter is just around the corner and Christianity and Jesus, respectively, were one of the three topics of this film. I really enjoyed this movie and learned a couple of things that I won’t forget. The three topics are ‘Fractional, Reserve Banking – or Money’, ‘9/11 – or Terrorism’ and ‘Christianity’. The way the latter was dealt with was nothing that I expected. It gives a beautiful ‘explanation’ for the so called 12 apostles, the crucifix symbol, the resurrection of ‘Jesus’, the timing of his ‘birth’ and discusses various other, how should I call them,  figures like Jesus that lived up to 2500 b.c. who share too many similarities to Jesus that one could call it coincidence.

Have a good Sunday, Ben

6 thoughts on “It’s Been a While”

  1. This is more to do with a previous post of yours but something I thought would be interesting to share. The link is here ( if you want to watch it, but a reduced version is the innovative way Iran is dealing with desertification. Using a petroleum by product to create a mulch over the desert, trapping water and fixing the soil is just ingenious. This is the Iran you have introduced me to, not the mad world the network media out there would want one to believe. Thanks for that …


  2. G’day Ben,
    I stumbled across your website whilst looking for rock fishing spots for this easter. I’d like to thank you for all your info – its awesome! We’re at a few bach’s in Medlands and will definitely try fishing off that ledge to the south. If it all gets a bit too much, come for a fish and say howdy! If the weather is too easterly, we might fish from the lighthouse too.
    Cheers again,


    1. Cheers Tyler and good luck. It’s Friday morning and I can’t believe it, the sun is shining, there is hardly any wind. A good start into the holidays.

  3. I spent a fair amount of time watching the various Zeitgeist movies along with all sorts of other conspiracy theory related stuff when I crooked my back last year. They certainly contain some thought provoking material and their use as a tool to get ordinary people thinking a little more outside the box should most likely be encouraged. Some of my more religiously aware friends have pointed out there are some incorrect statements regarding Christianty and the third film degenerates into some sort of Venus Project propaganda. Having had a look at what the Venus Project has to say/offer I certainly can’t endorse them either. But certainly an interesting portal to other debates…..

    Having spent a bit of time over there and also in other relatively remote living situations I can empathise with the fact that basically everything is hard work and we take so much for granted in “fully serviced” locations. Still, when that wood burner is running the cold will stay firmly outside, even if the cat won’t! And yeah it is hard work but the trade off is deriving pleasure from the simple things that most people take for granted….

    Good luck with your fishing Tyler I hope that Easterly swell drops away otherwise you will be on the west coast. But both those Schooner bay and Lighthouse spots will produce heaps of action, I did get another 3 kings (albeit rats!) one afternoon at Schooner Bay. Access to that one is a good walk around at half tide (down) and there’s one fiddly cave to get past. Great spot though!

    And understatement of the page? “The quad is doing fine but I should look into servicing it soon” Yep, I reckon xxxxx

    1. Sprayed the engine and under body with a mixture of diesel and oil the other day. She looks mint!, like almost new. Oh yeah the wood burner is the top. Turned the fire on Saturday, she’s
      still burning on Monday, and went and got a bit more fire wood today. It’s definitely worth the effort.

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