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What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by your projects and commitments? You engage into a new committed project, don’t you?

Not necessarily the best approach, but since the launch of this blog I’ve been reading about how to monetize the stuff I do on BENIsLAND. In such a way that I don’t feel ashamed about my actions, and continue gaining more readers. It seems, no matter what I read, that successful bloggers make tens of thousands of dollars per week passively via affiliated marketing and that it is easy to do.

I, however, have come to the conclusion that the approach taken so far will not lead to success in terms of making an honest buck for me. Donations don’t work, affiliated marketing is in its baby steps here in New Zealand and after weeks of search I only came up with SHIT! Plain and utter shit, stuff I would never buy myself.

Not a single NZ fishing tackle retailer that partakes in affiliated marketing and in spite of all the public money going into marketing Great Barrier Island tourism, again nothing in terms of local businesses and affiliated marketing.

My new approach/idea is to use and as hubs (English and German, respectively) for all the stuff that is essentially the brand BENIsLAND.

What exactly is BENIsLAND?

1. A cool brand

A combination of my blogger’s name ‘Ben Island’ and what I do, namely write about my (island) life from my land, hence ‘Beni’s Land’. For some reason people keep saying Ben’s Island, but hey…

2. What are my readers interested in? If I cut it down into three topics, they would be:

  • Off Grid Living
  • Land Based Fishing
  • Photos & Videos

3. Why are readers interested in these topics?

Basically, we all think the grass is greener on the other side. Further, there lurks this idea or dream in most of our heads, where we live a life (at least in part) that is not defined by our professional vocation and the commercial stuff we accumulate, but by our connection with nature and a fulfilling life within it.

In other words, ‘Living The Dream’. Being one’s own boss, escaping the concrete/professional jungles, living a quality life, acquiring knowledge and wealth, rather than material possessions and money.

Most importantly, even if we decide not to do anything about such aspirations, we take great pleasure from reading about the life of others who have. Often it is not even about the ‘reading’ part, it is more about the ‘perception’ part. Especially photos help us maintain that image of the dream.

4. How can I earn a modest and honest living from sharing my experiences and empirical knowledge?

  • writing and selling (e-)books about specific topics
  • offering distinctive Island Tour Packages and Extreme Land Based Fishing Expeditions services
  • publishing and selling still and moving images

This is my goal for 2015. Maintain as the my blogging web site, but set up a hub page that directs readers to my niche websites which focus on one topic only.

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  1. Good luck with it all my friend, I hope it works out! And I’ll find out how it’s going in just a few months time! Paul xxxxx

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