Homebuilt 12 V Diesel Generator Part III

After a week without adequate power supply, I managed to sort out my 12 v diesel generator this morning. As mentioned previously, the backside of the fuel line of the diesel engine had a rip which caused massive diesel leakage. It was a bit of a nerve-racking experience swapping the fuel line while kneeling in different awkward positions, but the good thing is that it’s fixed now. The bad thing is that I mixed up the colors black and red, yet again. Consequently, I most likely cooked my 12 V laptop charger… 

Apropos nerve-racking, I’ve been whacking the chassis of a concrete truck with a sledge-hammer and been using the rattle-gun trying to get rust out of tight spots. We are working on that truck in a team of two for the last 2-3 weeks and only making slow progress, however, we are making a hell of a lot of noise. I was physically and mentally quite exhausted after work yesterday, mainly due to the fact that I had too many to drink the night before.

Monday evening saw me going to the Great Barrier Social Club to have a meal and watch a movie. The Club hosts movie nights on Mondays and Thursdays. This was my first visit to the Social Club in Tryphena, the premises are very comfortable and cozy. I grabbed me a pint at the bar, ordered spaghetti with meatballs and joined a group of locals at the table. The topic of discussion was the movie ‘The Fast and the Furious’ and I was a little bit surprised to see that most of the ladies (being in their retirement years) having the same taste in movies as myself. Mainly action flicks, thrillers with twisted storylines and comedies. You should have heard one of the ladies sharing her experience trying to get her car into a slide by jerking the handbrake, ‘just like the cute boys in the movie’….

I enjoyed a delicious meal and the Action/Thriller flick called ‘Hanna’. The plot is about ‘Hanna Heller (Saoirse Ronan), a 16-year-old girl who lives with her father, Erik Heller (Eric Bana) in the wilderness of Finland. Ever since she was born, Hanna has been trained by Erik to become an assassin. As part of her training, she has never come into contact with modern technology and has memorized a series of fake back stories for herself to be used when the time comes’ (The Internet Movie Database). I give it an 8/10, good action scenes, quite funny at stages and great acting. Erik Heller’s German accent is spot-on and so are other German features in the movie.

What else is new? Not much really, there was good fishing 3-4 days ago with the new moon and big tides, but strong winds, rain and seas meant that I didn’t go out. My cat caught another baby rabbit which I have been feeding for the last week. He’s just a tiny bugger and I’m planning to keep him as a pet. Going to cage off an area outside for him and see whether I can’t keep a couple of them as pets. Bunny Farming I’ll call it then. Surely, this will increase the traffic on my site. Do you have any suggestions for a name? I’ll wait for a week to see whether suggestions come through, otherwise he’ll be named MuMu J (pronounced MooMoo). I’m looking forward to doing nothing today, other than relaxing and cooking a big feed later on.

The fuel line has been replaced.
My homebuilt 12 V diesel generator is working properly again.
My little bunny friend. Any suggestions for a name? If not, I’ll call him MuMu J.

Let’s finish this posting with a little joke I heard a couple of times this week.

Three couple die in a car accident and are at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter waiting for them. The first husband asks:’ St. Peter, will you allow us into heaven?’ St. Peter replies: ‘Shit no! All you have been doing your entire life was drinking alcohol. You even had the audacity to rename your wife to CherrySherry’. Another husband asks: ‘Well, St. Peter, surely you will allow us into heaven’. St. Peter replies: ‘Shit no! All you’ve been doing your entire life was chasing money. You even had the audacity to rename your wife to Penny. There is no place for you in heaven.’

The third husband looks to his wife and says:’ Come on Fanny, let’s go, I’ve got a hunch there is no place for us either.’


5 thoughts on “Homebuilt 12 V Diesel Generator Part III”

  1. jaa maan,
    mumu j ist gut obwohl ich den hüpfer eher bernd nennen würde.
    bennies bunny farm…..erinnert mich ein wenig an die “andere” bunny farm, die von dem alten ammi. 😉
    genieß das wochenende

  2. Curious about how that fuel line got damaged. They’re normally pretty tough and go on for years. Maybe a rat chewed it. Mine always loved chewing cables and hoses, in fact anything rubber, so keep an eye on that.

    Man you need to feed that thing up and get it nice and fat for a mean feed!!!!!!

    1. If a rat got that close to the generator, then good on him. The tear was on the backside of the hose as well, so yeah, if it were a rat, he likes to challenge himself… Mohammed, my cat, takes care of the rats here. I’m not sure how the hose got damaged though, as this isn’t a part that can vibrates in such a way that it can tear. Probably a Taniwha mate… hehe
      I’ve got this idea of having a bunny under every fruit tree in a big cage.

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