Hiking in the Backyard III

The weekend was quiet, gathered some fire wood, spent a few hours in the outside bath, ate a lot of food and went for a hike in the backyard.

On the ridge looking down into Tryphena Harbor

On the previous picture, I was standing on the ridge, some 240 m above sea level and on one of my property pegs, and looking down into Tryphena Harbor. You can see my windmill in the following zoomed in picture.

Same spot, zoomed in. It's about 600m to the windmill.

I ended up walking for 2.5 hours and thought I’ll share some pictures.

Rani posing with a boulder.

Having a rest on a pine tree and enjoying the breeze.

Good place for a snake to hide. But there aren't really any dangerous animals on land in New Zealand.

A wicked tree trunk.
Lots of green.


Plenty of Nikau palms.
I've been seeing many of these rails lately. On the roads and in the high grass.


What type of tree is this? There are many of them on site, some have fallen over years ago and keep growing.

4 thoughts on “Hiking in the Backyard III”

  1. Garnicht geseh’n deinen Spaziergang…..die Snapper waren wohl zu spannend!
    Super botanik in deinem “Hinterhof” und frech viel Land.
    viele Grüße aus Bulgarien

      1. Wandern will ich!
        Leider regnet es hier seit über einer Woche mehrmals am Tag….der Urlaub ist trotzdem super, das Essen schmeckt, die Leute sind freundlich und der Rakia hilft dabei.
        Ich check hier ein wenig die Schlangen, die in deinem Garten fehlen….leider machen sich Vipera ammodytes & co. bei Dauerregen auch rar.

        1. Oh man, dick Urlaub in Bulgarien. Mach mal einige Fotos von den Zigeuner-Omas dort, die haben so ‘nen coolen Style…

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