Hiking in the Backyard II

I went for another hike into the ‘backyard’ with Iranium the other day; she’s getting bigger and stronger and has these sudden energy boosts of sprinting up and down, running in circles and so on. Anyway, it was a hot day but I had nothing better to do and so we started walking up the hill, heading towards a paper road on the main ridge that is part of  the ‘station rock road walkway’.


We reached the main ridge (marker 4 on the map) after what felt like an hour, but it must have been shorter than that. The bush is pretty dense and quite steep along side the ridges. The next picture was taken from marker 4. The Station Rock Road Walkway follows this ridge line for another 2-3 km and meets the main road.

Looking north towards the East Coast Beaches; Medlands, Kaitoke, Palmers Beaches
I believe that is Arid Island in the background.
At the end of the ridge line, on the left hand side, is Station Rock.

We walked for a bit more but it was starting to get really hot and we headed back. This time I was able to walk more or less the same route back. Iranium lost track halfway, at first she was leading the way and sniffing our way back. After a while she was just sitting down and looking at me waiting for some sort of directions.

Where is home?

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