Hiking & Fishing in Tryphena

It’s Sunday late afternoon and I’m sitting here by the fire listening to Aotea FM, the local radio station on FM 94.6. This is a good station alright, no ads, no news, only music and most of it is good stuff. The weather has been awesome the entire week and I was pretty keen to get out there on the weekend and do something. The plan was to get up early on Saturday and take the dinghy out fishing, but after knocking off work on Friday evening, I didn’t really feel like an early start anymore. 

It doesn’t really matter though, I keep finding out, I get up around 6 a.m. every morning anyway. It’s a bit nippy at night and in the mornings now which makes you appreciate a warm fire place. So I cooked some breakfast, chopped some fire wood and decided to go hiking with Rani. Thought about going up Mount Hobson but figured it’s too far away and decided to try and go to Rosalie Bay instead. There must be extremely good rock fishing there since it is so remote and wouldn’t get any activity but by a few locals.

Rani goes for a run on the way up Rosalie Bay Road. Magnificent views of Tryphena Harbor.
Coromandel Peninsular in the background.
A few nice properties.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any public access down to Rosalie Bay and will have to inquire whom to talk to to get permission to use a private access way. There is a little parking spot at the end of Rosalie Bay road and a few hiking tracks start there. One follows a ridge line via Station Rock Road. The start of this track and the beginning are quite hard to find and it isn’t maintained that well. The hiking track to Medlands Beach is clearly marked and has recently been done up. It’s a 1.5 hour walk down through a valley and ends with a river crossing at Medlands Beach. I walked down for half an hour and decided to go back since it was downhill all the way. I tell you what, this is a wonderful single track for mountain biking. Once I’ve fixed my bike I’ll be going for a downhill down this track and pedal back up via the main roads. This will be good practice for the upcoming Wharf to Wharf Marathon.

The track has been upgraded, it is windy, but has a new layer of metal and is downhill all the way.
Cuvier, Mercury Island, I don't know, need to look at a chart... But yeah, I'd like to stand on that ledge down there and fish.

Went for a fish from the dinghy this morning around Puriri Bay and then a couple of drifts down Schooner Bay. We did alright, catching 3 trevally right off the start and then a few snapper later on. Conditions were not that comfortable, we had a few showers and a bit of wind here and there but had a good laugh and a few fish for dinner. I’m smoking a couple of fish right now and going to bake this snapper on the fire place.

There'll be some leftovers for Rani.

4 thoughts on “Hiking & Fishing in Tryphena”

  1. Oh wow, awesome pictures Ben. Great your still enjoying the island and having fun. Nice catch btw

    1. Hey big T.E., nice to hear from you. Yeah, I’m still enjoying it, there’s not much else to do… hehe Cheers, B

  2. That’s Cuvier, no question. And on a very, very clear day. Wow yeah you have got some nice weather. About time too. I’ll bet there’s just a few kingis between you and the Coromandel right now!

    Keep at it. L&K, Paul xxxxx

    1. Hey Paul, we had a few good weeks, it’s hardly raining. Even right now, she’s madness outside, storms building up, but less rain than usual. They say it’s going to be nice on the weekend; I’ll be taking the boat out.

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