Great Barrier Island Sailing

In general, the weather is still quite moody and un-summery, but we had two fine days last week. The sun was shining, the heavy showers had retreated and there was only a steady breeze out there. On Thursday a mate and myself took the dinghy out and drift-fished around the Tryphena area. It was a bit too quiet for us, but I managed to land one 40 cm snapper. On Friday, J1 and myself hopped onto the Spirit of Breaker Bay and went for a casual sail.

The Spirit of Breaker Bay moored off in Puriri Bay, which is a bit overcrowded during the holiday season.

And what a blast we had sailing, but first a picture of tea from the previous night. One of the best ways to enjoy snapper is to steam the entire fish with vegetables, fish sauce, soy sauce, salt and pepper in tin foil. It’s easy to prepare, simple and you can enjoy the entire fish rather than just a couple of fillets.

Whole steamed snapper with veges and sauce.

Although the quantity is not overwhelming, my little garden patches have been supplying me with delicious vegetables.

Silver beet, carrots, zucchini, spring onions, mint and beans.

But back to sailing. It was a great day for it and we decided to sail up and down the harbor and into the Colville Channel. On Thursday, whilst being out there in the dinghy, I saw a pod of humpback whales. But we didn’t see any on Friday. The gannets were working the harbor diving for bait fish and there were a few boats trolling lures around the reefs and rocks trying to catch king fish.

Stylish coastal living in Puriri Bay.
Tryphena Harbor
Behind the light house in the harbor.
In the Colville Channel. She was calm as.
My best attempt to capture the rainbow. Looked similar to the halo of the moon. Perhaps the hole in the ozone layer?
On the way back, I took a picture of the working birds. You can see some diving, too.
The Spirit of Breaker Bay moored off at its home. Looking good.
A very sexy ketch.

We knocked down a couple of cold beers, worked the ropes and sails, made some plans for future trips and simply enjoyed the solitude. The timing was great as the rain poured down heavily the next few days.

A good indication for some heavy rain for the next day.


Strong south easterlies and rain were forecast for the weekend and as you can see, most boats left the bay in advance and only the local boats remain.

Due to the bad weather, I assume a few barges didn’t make it to the island, we are going to start work not this week, but the one after. Which is not a bad thing. Hopefully it settles down a bit during the week and hopefully I can motivate myself to do some work on site.






2 thoughts on “Great Barrier Island Sailing”

  1. And if you mean to tell me you boys didn’t toss a few lures at that work up for a couple of nice kahawai to smoke up then I shall berate you heavily and great shall be your shame!!!!!

    1. The birds have been working the harbor on a couple of occasions. Last time I was out in the dinghy, I tried following them, but on that day they weren’t doing much.
      Yeah, we got to rig the yacht up, so we can troll lures etc. However, there is no depth sounder so I wouldn’t have tried sailing in between the rocks anyway. Yeah, you gotta be organized and prepared
      when it happens. I’m neither at the moment… hehe

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