Great Barrier Island Chicken – are like other chicken, but of course special

As mentioned previously, my lovely Moms is here on BENIsLAND with me for a vacation and as it is with moms, something is not quite right when you are sitting down and there are still things to do. Which is bizarre, dads like to sit down all the time and talk about the work that could have been done.

Anyway, I, therefore, conclude that she must really love being on BENIsLAND as there is an indefinite amount of things that need to be done and accomplished. One of the things that I would have liked to do in 2014 has come already into fruition, which leaves me wondering what to do with the next 11 months… Yes, you might have guessed it due to your observation skills or just because you are clever – I note that about 20% of my readers use Linux operating systems, by which I certainly do not want to imply that windows users are not clever, the latter type either doesn’t know of Linux or is fond of having daily jihads with their computer – I’ve got two chooks.

I’ve learned from a friend, who is actually shocking when it comes to stock and pets, that it helps to learn the language of different types of animals, so they accept you as a similar being. It is not that hard, what you need to do is to mimic the sound they make mostly and use the name of the animal as you are making that sound.

For example: Choooook, Chook, Chook, Chook

It suffices to simply repeat this ‘phrase’ and they completely understand you. Anyway, I got me – thanks to my dear friend Ross – two black chicken.

chickenbenisland_chickenchicken_pen2chicken_penChicken are fun, I’ve only had them 3-4 days and already had some fond conversations. For instance, do hens lay eggs or do they require a rooster for that? Or, you don’t have to feed chicken, they eat grass only. And if that is not enough give them food, but don’t buy chook food, cook them rice or give them leftovers. (turns out that you don’t have much leftovers in a single household and that rice is twice as expensive as chook food, excluding heating costs…) Or, chicken are great for your gardens, you must allow them to free range. But wouldn’t they eat stuff out of my garden? Of course they would, you shouldn’t let them into your garden. And lastly, how come you haven’t given them names yet? Well, because I can’t tell them apart yet. Now, I’m just waiting for someone to tell me that you can eat them, too.

They are 14 weeks old, I hear it’s another 14 weeks before they start laying. During the first two days they were very shaken and scared, and demonstrated their astounding hiding abilities. I also learned that they won’t find their food and water when they are really scared, so it helps to guide them into the right direction. And yeah, if your doubting your fencing even in the slightest bit, get back and alter it, chooks can be difficult to find in the bush…

Well, a wise man told me that eggs are a bonus, what you really want is the top soil out of their pen for the garden. Feed them on sea weed, silver beet, stuff designated for the compost bin, leftover food and chook food. They are great company, clever and easily trainable.

I wonder what they are up to now, perhaps it’s time for another visit…

2 thoughts on “Great Barrier Island Chicken – are like other chicken, but of course special”

  1. Ben that’s soooo cool. Did you know if you wanted to, like maybe if you got really hungry and couldn’t go fishing and the shop was shut and all your vegetables ran away, you could eat those things! Only you’d better do it while they’re still quite young!

    Seriously though as I don’t run any chickens yet I’ll keep my sensible advice to myself. If I was at home enough and we didn’t have foxes living on site maybe I could. I’ll look forward to meeting them in due course, along with your crop of beans and hopefully your mum if she’s still around when I get there.

    Great stuff. Paul xxxxx

    1. Farming mate, I’m farming. Actually, I’m just tying myself up to my place… hehe. But yeah, they are cool, they are also in (being black) and the best thing, they are still here and haven’t jumped the fence and into the bush. Well, the beans came quite early this year, I’ve been eating them since early December, but yeah, there should be some still coming.

      So, I suppose you were/are really busy and will be commencing your travels soon. Mate, we’ve got to catch some fish! Cheers, B

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