Going For A Night Walk – Tryphena Beaches by Night

After a week of gusty winds and other turbulent conditions, a window of opportunity opened up on Friday. As it is often the case and as it kinda should be, the weather gods were kind on the first of May and granted us a sunny day with a clear sky and not even a breeze. A very quiet day…

Well, apart from the noises I was creating by hammering 2 inch nails through the purlins of my new roof. I worked until dusk and got the entire timber-work finished (it looks great). I shall write about this another time. What I like to share with you now are photos of Pah and Gooseberry Flat Beaches by night.

I went for a night walk on said Friday, exploiting the favourable conditions to shoot photos at night and also to take a bit of a breather. Although it wasn’t a full moon, it was bright enough for me to walk from home to the beach and back without using a torch.

Hopefully, the photos speak for themselves, and you can imagine what it feels like to be walking on a remote beach at one in the morning with the purpose of enjoying a mindful night walk/photo shoot. I used exposure times of five to seven minutes.

Pah Beach at night.
Pah Beach at night.
Gooseberry Flat beach.



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