I put this little glasshouse together, made of tea tree, a door and polyethene film. It is about 2m long, 0.9m wide and 1m above ground. I am going to use it for the germination of seeds and growing the seedlings. Hope, the crude construction withstands those gusty winds. 

Nice sunny spot for it. 2m long, 0.9m wide, 1m high

Today was a nice day to get some work done; almost no wind, scattered clouds, crispy and it was good to feel the sun’s warmth again.

You lift the door to access plants, the polyethene film can be lifted on either side to allow for more ventilation.
Beautiful day.

Need to dig up some top soil, get a couple of plastic bins for the seedlings and sit back and reap the rewards…. hehe. Enjoying a fire at the moment – as usual – and listening to Shaolin Soul. Enjoy your day.

3 thoughts on “Glasshouse”

  1. Hey mate,
    Loving the blog, you make me very proud Dr Jeebas. Also very excited about the garden, mine is pumping at the moment. Spinach, brocolli and brussel sprouts coming out my ears!
    Because you won’t have planted any seedlings into your garden plot yet. It is okay to use the glyphosate to spray your plot before you dig it over. This will help control any grass weeds that are in the plot prior to planting. That way it gives you a head start because once you get going, Kikuyu will become your #1 enemy.
    It is a foliage spray so it doesn’t leave a residue so will be fine when you come to plant your seedlings. Just use the glyphosate 360 only, not the other 2. <== this is important. We recommend about 48 hours between spraying and planting. You won't have to wait for the grass to die as this takes time, however, you can start digging it over as soon as you want.
    I do this every year prior to planting the majority of my crops particularly my sweetcorn & popcorn crops. Sweetcorn should grow fantastic on your island and I recommend to plant the seeds in late August for harvest January.

    However, if anything is planted. Go back to the old pulling everything out by hand.

    1. Sweet, I’ll do that then. Yeah, am excited too, will start with growing seedlings in the glasshouse next week, glyphosate the patch, turn it over and probably plant in 2-3 weeks. Sweetcorn is
      good idea, you’ve got any seeds? Yesterday, I worked on a quad for a while, test drove it, it needs some work done on the diff, but yeah, heaps of fun mate coming up the drive…

  2. When I say 48 hours above, this is the minimum time you should leave it after spraying before planting. So if you are only currently at the seed planting stage, you should have no problem. Thought I might clarify.

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