GBI Sports & Social Club Fishing Competition 5-6 Aug

I have planted some hundred or so seeds, fingers crossed that they will germinate. There is a fishing competition on Great Barrier Island scheduled for this weekend, and I am participating. One could perhaps even go as far and say that I will be fishing/going for the championship… 

Fishing… A word, an activity, a sport that has various connotations amongst people. Here are a few. Some think, it is a boring activity for old men, sitting on a rock or in a boat and dreaming of catching a fish one day. Some think it is something you do on the side, definitely it isn’t sport and it has more to do with luck than anything else. Others see it as a means of getting a feed. Some think that people fish for trophies and that (recreational) fishing is animal cruelty. For those having such an attitude, you better never ever buy fish or eat fish (but let’s not go down that road here). Some think that because they went fishing once in the 80s with their mates, who took them to a spot, tied their knots, put bait onto their hooks and caught a decent fish, they now have the right to dwell in a kiwi-exaggerative manner on that incident for the rest of their lives. Some few actually think that there is a hidden location, a coastline so remote that you will be unlikely to ever see it, where gorgeous girls in bikinis fish off the rocks and spray sunscreen on their tanned, hard bodies. Yes, my friends, I am referring to the myth of the elusive LBG Hotties (The Land Based Gamefishing Hotties).

So what is fishing to me? I enjoy fishing off the rocks and this is the main type of fishing that I do. So let’s talk about that. Clearly, this type of fishing is a combination of hiking, hunting, climbing can be an integral part, reading the coastline, attracting fish by means of dispersing burley, catching live-bait, interacting with nature and obviously timing. Timing, planning, local knowledge and experience; you can’t put a price on that. Fishing to me is a physically demanding sport (this includes carrying all your gear, hiking, climbing and hopping on those rocks and yes fighting and landing those bigger fish.), which is also mentally demanding (yes, if you enjoy fishing you take it serious, you think about why you lost that fish, why you had a bad day or a good day, whether you change your setup or if you stay until the change of light, etc..) and an exciting and rewarding way to get a  nutritious  feed and to, here comes, interact with nature – the sea – in a natural way.  I fish for the future, so please spread the word. Catch only what you are going to eat, handle fish to be released carefully using a wet towel or best, not taking them out of the water at all. Don’t touch the gills. Release fish! You know it, you are not going to eat those frozen fillets deep down in the freezer, eat fresh fish, catch your bait, let your friends and neighbors catch their own fish and let the rest go. Most importantly treat fish , just like you should with all animals, respectfully.

The upcoming fishing competition. It was postponed due to bad weather to 5-6 Aug.

Today saw me sorting out my fishing gear, don’t know when I did it last. When you’ve got almost half a dozen of reels and rods you regularly use and gear such as – live-bait hooks, circle hooks, small hooks for bait, swivels, floats, leaders, line, gloves, rod holders, sinkers, rope, burley sacks, soft-plastics, poppers, jigs, filleting knives, gimbal, scale, net, gaff, knives, some safety gear; gps, compass, marine radio, first aid kit, sunscreen – you want to have them neatly packed and organized. Looking at all the stuff you also hope that you better catch some decent fish, having bought all of that…

Back to the initial driving force of this post. The fishing competition (or as they say over here: The Fishing Comp). I made the decision to fish alone and off the rocks, I do have a 12 foot dinghy boat, but as mentioned earlier, I enjoy the land based fishing more. Participating in the comp costs 20 NZD,  it seems to be more about the experience and – for some – for honor than for prizes, as it doesn’t state concretely what you can win. BTW, have a close look at the picture, seriously what is the fish on the right supposed to be doing? He’s having a cigarette, some chips and is looking like a cool dude, whilst scratching his tail-bone. He’s also green! Too much green burley? I don’t know. The other fish – on the left – seems to be surprised and fairly disgusted by that.

So here goes; my game plan for the comp. I’m going to go and stand here (see GoogleMaps insert at the bottom of post) tomorrow around 1030 a.m. and see if I can catch some bait on the outgoing tide. There is a ford and river-mouth here, some of the water from my creek will end up here. I’ll have to wait and see if the weather forecast changes tomorrow or not, as it is, it will be blowing 15 knots from the South on Friday and Westerlies 15 knots on Saturday. I don’t have local fishing knowledge here on Great Barrier Island – it is not an easy task finding a ledge on the map that has deep water and is accessible from land without having to do a serious climb or asking permission to cross private land. I’m thinking east coast anyway, there is a bit of an Easterly swell at the moment which will die off. Perhaps I go to Awana or around Kaitoke. In any case, I’ll keep you updated.

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