Fire on Great Barrier Island

A vegetation fire that started last night on the south side of Kaitoke beach was extinguished by a team of about 30 on ground fire fighters and a helicopter over night. According to eye-witnesses, an off-shore north-westerly wind prevented the blaze gathering more momentum towards Claris airport and several homes on the east coast. Due to the quick response of the fire brigade no person or homes were damaged. The fire damaged, however, half and acre (5000 square meters) of vegetation.

2 thoughts on “Fire on Great Barrier Island”

    1. I’ve got a follow up post as well, slightly longer. The fire on GBI is all over the news and media on the mainland. I read most of the articles and interestingly, more than 50% of the content is mere assumptions and speculation. Must be a devastating feeling for those who have homes and businesses close by.

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