Doors on Fire!

I mean Doors and Fire. It has been blowing 35 knots for the last few days and gusting up to 50 knts, frequent showers, on Monday some hail for a little while; but I have also been quite productive. My mate Jonah came around on Sunday – his land rover is fixed again – and he gave me a hand picking up my new doors and putting them in.  After a bit of cutting, hammering and making it fit, the doors were securely in place.



Finally, some doors in place; no wind and rain coming in anymore

I finished the cladding on the doors on, put a cat flap in and sealed the windows with silicone on Monday. Cut some kanuka branches that were scraping along the roof and re-installed the 12 V home generator. Drilling holes and mounting the units was a bit of a pain, but the pulleys match up nicely and I can put good tension on the belt.


Runs smooth as; recharged my batteries, which are outside as well.

Tuesday was the big day. Strong, gusting Westerlies again and some heavy rain – everything was muddy -, and I decided to install the fireplace. The good thing is that I finished the entire job on one day. Was keen as to get it done; pulled the heavy unit on a hand trolley (took a while), cut a hole into the roof. (I need some tin snips as they call them.) Had to do it with my reciprocating saw. I went a bit violent on it too. Putting the flu – I think this is what they are called – together was a nightmare. 150 mm diameter of the inner pipe the outer was a cool 150 mm. No way you could slide them into each other; back to the reciprocating saw…

Anyway, at dusk I cut the last bit of tin, the flashing. I can only hope that I got the hole sealed, it has not been raining yet. Doesn’t this look professional?


I can cook on the fire place too
Warm and cosy.
The flashing is simply a piece of art isn't it. It was kind of dark and after a long, exhausting day.

Right now I am waiting for some clear sky to post this. I am stoked, got a lot of important things done and I’m gonna cook some food. Unfortunately, it is still not straightforward to connect to the Internet. It is very slow and patchy, waiting for some clear days…

Here some more pics.


I made a little box out of scrap ply wood for the generator.


10 thoughts on “Doors on Fire!”

  1. Man, you put up a nice pace for getting the place in shape. I bet it is nice to have a place to cook and to warm up the A-Frame when it is pouring rain and hail outside. Keep it up and send/post more pics!

    1. Cheers Lars, it’s isn’t easy with Internet though. No connection or speeds of 2-3Kb/s. Uploading pics and a story sometimes takes hours. Unfortunately, the connection is worse at nights. Hope the
      weather changes, so I can hook up with proper speeds again. Perhaps, I need to invest in one of those signal boosters…

  2. Nice one Ben. Things look to be coming along really well. A good mate of mine from the barrier said he wondering if you would make it through a barrier winter after your last update but with a fire now and some better weather proofing things will be much easier for you. Btw, love the pot on the top of the chimney!

    1. Hey JK, yeah, I hear that a lot with the winters on Great Barrier Island. It’s not too bad really and since I’ve got the fire place in, I’ve been sitting in front of it for two days. Gotta get the chain saw out
      and get me new fire wood though. The pot on the chimney just happened. Found it on the property and it fits perfectly. It avoids rain getting in and more important hot solid ashes flying out.

  3. Hi Behnam, really cool blog. I enjoyed it a lot.

    Happy to see that you are starting to have it cozier there and making steady progress brother. Keep it up there will be easier days too. Hope the weather calms down a bit for you.

  4. hey old snapper slayer,
    nice to see some progession. now you got all the basics, it’s time to build a golfcourse…. ok, start with a puttinggreen and a bunker.

    1. Yeah engine is covered. Ready for the yacht… Hehe, I doubt you could even make it up to the site with a Quad at the moment. I’ll find out soon anyway, am getting me one. Tough going mate,
      the drive way has suffered…

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